Flight 005

I am going to start numbering my flights by triple digits with the hope of breaking 100 before I graduate. Today was flight #5 if I’m counting correctly. It was a busy day in the ED, but with our new renovations, busy days are not as hectic and scattered. There is room for charts. There [...]


I just finished a 13 1/2 hour shift, and spent 36 of the previous 48 hours sleeping and delerious. I have a horrendous sore throat. My voice is almost gone though, and I’ll bet by the end of my next 12 hour shift it will be completely gone. How can I see patients if I [...]

Odd Art

Odd Art stopped by today, but I suspect that’s not his real name Welcome Odd Art, I’ll stop by your corner often!


Today was a much better day at work. Sick people that I might have actually helped. The sickest, in fact, had their consultants already in the department, so I was more of a formality on those, but it’s good to see sick people and have help close by. By sick, I mean almost dead. One [...]

Knocking at the door

The end of summer marked their 56th year together. Soon, they planned to return to their winter home in florida. He spent the last few weeks of summer building a garden wall of loose stones. A new pile had been delivered today. “I’ve got enough to last me for ten years,” he happily told his [...]

More on Zen

I go home angry almost every night. Tonight as I walked home, I asked myself why. For starters, it was 3 AM. My shift was done at midnight. It took four hours for a trauma patient to receive his full radiologic evaluation…one of my requests had been misplaced delaying the entire process by about 2 [...]

The Zen of Medicine

“Hey, Shazam, when are you supposed to get out of here?” “Two hours ago.” “What are you still doing here?” “I have five patients I can’t get rid of.” “That’s what you call a rock collection.” “Yeah, I’m starting a rock garden, but I’m not feeling very Zen-like.” So went my entire day, from patient [...]

Yet again

Well, sorry to disapoint my faithful readers, but not too much exciting happening today. Maybe that’s a good sign, that I’m feeling more comfortable with my role. Although, I have to admit that I never had more than 2 patients at one time today, which isn’t very taxing at all. Let’s see…a corneal ulcer, a [...]

Slow day

Yesterday was a slow day, it moved about as fast as molasses. We have lectures thursday mornings, so by the time lectures are done, the 7am-4pm shift people are halfway done. That was my shift. I saw only 2 patients the rest of the day. One was a bee sting in a guy with a [...]

That sinking feeling

Herodias stood on one leg, leaning his head forward to balance his long neck against the weight of his body. He looked out of his right eye, down to the still muddy water beneath him. Taking one step forward, he slowly turned his head, and peered out of his left eye into the murky mattted [...]