Hello from Moab

Howdy, I know it’s only been a few days, but I couldn’t resist the video game style internet station here. I’m in Moab Utah,going mountain biking tomorrow and maybe thenext. I’ve only got five minutes left and this keyboard has definately seen better times. The sky is amazing, the scenery indescribable. I’ve been here once [...]

Blogging break

Well, I’m off to the mountains and the desert for a well earned vacation. I plan to take lots of photos and will be brainstorming about my bird project. I know you’re dying to know what it is….I can’t tell you yet!. One of you is likely to sneak off and finishe the project without [...]

Life as a traumatologist

Well, my life as a traumatologist is over. My rotation ended today and now I have 9 days of vacation! The lady thrown from the buggy is doing well, she’s needing sedation to stay on the vent. That’s good news, because it means she’s waking up and probably didn’t suffer too much brain damage. The [...]


“Traumish” is the nickname we use for trauma suffered by the Amish population in our area. It sounds horrible, but it actually prepares us for the terrible injuries we see when an amish person is brought in by ambulance or lifeflight. Many of the injuries in the amish community are due to their less than [...]

Fashion update

This just in from Italy… Colorful rain boots and shirts, pants and jackets with lots of pockets everywhere, are IN. Bird update: Much to my chagrin, my idea has already been taken. Even with the same domain name that I wanted to use. But the site is old and dated looking. I am going to [...]

Out of mind

Slowly you regain consciousness, wondering where you are. Are you in your call room? The surgery lounge? Has someone just paged you? Someone looking for emergency line access? No. You drift back to fitfull sleep. The scene repeats itself, each time with slightly less intensity. In a depressed state of conscousness, you are awakened by [...]

Trauma ABCs…

The traumas are getting easier for me. Yesterday I had my first pediatric trauma. A 10 year old who was thrown out of a car that his brother was driving. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt. He had gross deformity of his left lower leg. He was awake when he arrived, talking, but didn’t remember [...]

Snood in the morning

It’s 3 AM and I’m on call. I’m about to go home, but I’ve become addicted to Snood, up here in the surgery resident’s lounge. My pager went off just as I had willed myself to play ony one more game… It was Nick, the intern on call. “Mr. Morris is having increased work of [...]

Evening drive…

Sometimes, the most enjoyable way to spend an evening in this rural farm community is to simply go for a drive. I intended to go to the lake where I first met Herodias, but instead, as the sun set I just kept driving. These are some of the things I saw… A small blond haired [...]

The new phone book is here!

Look, I’m listed on Yahoo’s directory of medical blogs!