My pot of gold

I had already decided before I went to medical school that I didn’t want to be a doctor for the rest of my life. Maybe I should say I didn’t want to be JUST a doctor. I have too many other intersts and pasttimes to devote myself entirely to medicine. Lately I’ve been trying to brainstorm how I can retire early. I started saving money. Stopped using my credit cards. Consolidated my student loans. But finally, I’ve struck the pot of gold…

BIRDS! I have devised a scheme to both help wildlife and retire at the age of 29. (OK, I’m a little older than 29, but not much). My scheme involves web based database applications, but first I have to teach myself how to do it. I’ve chosen PHP as my programming tool and have been successful at installing PHP, Apache and MySQL on my personal computer for development. The obligatory “Hello World” program went smoothly.

Of course, I can’t share my plan with you, it’s a secret and somebody else might steal it. As far as I can tell, nobody else has done it yet. I’ll keep you informed as the project moves along. Perhaps I won’t really strike gold with it, but it’s a great excuse to learn a new technology like web programming. You can all be my beta testers!

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