birding authentication

I’ve finally got authentication (password access) working on my laptop for the birding site. I think I finally have enough pieces to start putting the site together, at least in terms of the coding. Content is another issue. I have a database of nearly 10,000 bird species. Naturally that’s too large to search through if [...]

Blogger is hungry

Blogger just ate my awesome post. I could cry. I even hit the post & publish button so it wouldn’t get eaten prematurely and blogger kicked me out and asked me to log back in. My post, of course, was gone. You would have liked it too. Dammit. Sick people, procedures and emotional turmoil and [...]

Uluburun Shipwreck

Uluburun Shipwreck This is a neat site if you have time to indulge in a little undersea exploration. Click on the shipwreck to explore it interactively…you are a diver and have the opportunity to examine its many artifacts. This is not a game, it is a piece of history… Link via a commenter’s post on [...]

birding dreams

Getting my birding site together is coming closer and closer to reality. I have learned how to create database queries from a web interface, update the data and other simple database activities. The remaining hurdles include learning authentication (member accounts) so that you get your own private bird list, and figuring out how to best [...]

Flight 007

Another nice long flight close to where we were last night. This was for an intoxicated girl who crashed into a tree. Fortunatly she was wearing her seat belt, and her worst injuries ended up being abrasions to her arms from the airbag that deployed. Based on the damage to the car, and the fact [...]

Flight 006

Of three flights today that I could have gone on, I only went on one. there was also one yesterday that went that I ought to have been on, but wasn’t. Argh. The last one I missed because after I had stopped seeing new patients, I told a nurse I’d see an 18 year old [...]

Did I really write this?

Herodias Looking through my archives, I just wanted to highlight this old entry. In retrospect, I really like it. I like the imagery, the mimicry and the success (IMHO) in creating a JD Salinger-esque oppresiveness of the ED described in that post.

In the real world, what do you do?

One month of progressive dyspnea on exertion, Flipped t waves in ALL leads of the EKG, history of long travel (plane & car from florida to the NE on multiple occasions, room air hypoxia 92% without history of asthma/copd. Step 1? D-dimer, of course. although, I think according to the Kline criteria, even if her [...]

Let it rest already!

I thought the debate over standford’s new curriculum would ease up, but Dr. Rangel posts yet another critique of Graham’s defense on his new curriculum. Dr. Rangel states that he is not “making lite of Graham’s courageous idealism” but throughout his post, he ridicules Graham’s stated perspectives. Can we agree on one thing…Graham will not [...]

The diagnoses are in…

Case A) Nursemaid’s elbow! Azygous was the first to correctly answer, congratulations. I’ll be contacting you by email for a short Mr. Hassle interview to highlight you and your site. Nursemaids elbow is a common toddler injury and occurs when the head of the radius (forearm bone) slips out of it’s annular (circular) ligament at [...]