I guess spanky enjoys my work, he’s got me blogrolled and visited today. So I visited his place and read his entry “time for a trip to the ER.” I lauged really hard at number 1. Number 2 got me going as well. (Only because his rants really are an accurate reflection, if distorted, of what we see). Can you imagine how frustrating it is to have a busy night in the ER, seeing patients with strokes, head bleeds, heart attacks, seriously deformed extremities…and then have to take time out from these patients to see an emergency earache? runny nose? Anxiety attack? Insect bite? groin rash? It really begins to make you angry that they’re taking up space and time when other folks are sitting in the wating room with chest pain, slurred speech, painful abcesses…

Anyway, I lauged really hard at numbers 1 thru 5. But then 6 only made me snicker, by 7 and 8 my smile was gone, and the remainder, I was just glad that Azygous has space to rant without having to take out his/her frustrations on the actual patients themselves. Oh well. we all have bad days. Weeks. Years maybe?

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