D is For Duck Calling…

Today is the World Duck Calling Championships. The broadcast starts at 4pm.

Code Captain!

It happened again, I was the first one to the code, and for a long time, the only physician. I ran through the bradycardia algorithm, paced him, did brief CPR until someone held up his post anesthesia orders in front of me. Narcotics overdose. Narcan deficiency 2 milligrams of naloxone woke him right up. This [...]

Rapid Reduction

Can’t hardly a day go by without learning something new! As long as your patient’s are sick, that is. Tonight I was on call and admitted a patient with an aortic disection to the service. Aortic disection is a scary, scary word. Many don’t survive to make it to the hospital. Of those that do, [...]

Follow your instinct

While doing mid-morning rounds on the floor, the operator paged anesthesia emergenty overhead to the coronary unit. My intern and I locked eyes and wondered aloud who it was. Our attending glibly said, “It’s just for anesthesia, someone needs to be intubated. You don’t have to go.” Which really meant, “Don’t go, moron.” The intern [...]

D is also for Duck

Great gains were made this weekend on the birding database. I have reverted back to just one list, the American Ornithological Union’s latest revision of about 2100 birds in the America’s. Kookaburu’s will just have to wait. I’ve finally got the birdlists being pulled into HTML via an SQL statement in PHP. Now I just [...]

Weak Finish

There are few things quite as depressing as finishing off a nice weekend away from work with about 2 hours of catching up on bills. How could I be 3 months behind on cable when my credit card is up to date? Ugh. I have to call the cable company tomorrow so I can be [...]

D is for Defibrillation

OK, Cards (cardiology) is not so bad. Yesterday I was first to a code in the Cardiac ICU. Two nurses in the room and me, quickly followed by my intern. “What’s going on?” I asked looking quickly from the patient to the monitor. “She’s in V-Fib,” the nurses said. Look at monitor & confirm V-fib. [...]

From The West Side of Manhattan to Crocodiles of the Nile and beyond…

continued from Part I… So there I was, in line for the Lincoln tunnel, driving east, ready to plunge beneath the depths of the Hudson River. Visions of black water rivulets running past the tires filled my mind’s eye as I slowly crept in line, now trapped amidst produce trucks and angry gen-x SUVers. I [...]

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When to call 911

By the way, if you are having chest pain that won’t go away, is like your previous angina but doesn’t resond to nitroglycerin, wakes you from sleep, or occurs at rest. Please, please, PLEASE don’t wait until that night at dinner to think about going to the ED. Time is myocardium (heart muscle). If you [...]