Today ran a little more smoothly in terms of running the list. But compared to the Intensive Care Unit, or workign in the Emergency Department, I’m really at a loss for fascinating patient interactions here on Cardiology. I don’t have to write daily notes on my patients, but I have the whole service to look after. In the mornings, I try to straighten up any potential disasters before rounds start. IN addition to being good for the patients (!) It makes the team look better if things are headed in the right direction before the attending arrives. When I arrived this mornign, I found that one of our newest admissions was simultaneously on two medicines…one that raises her blood pressure, and one that lowers it. Huh?

So I stopped both (slowly) and she’s fine. Umm…that was the most exciting thing that happened today. I’m not learning much about cardiology, but I am learning how to keep medical disasters from spiraling out of control…

Hopefully as our interns settle in and get the hang of caring for cardiac patients, I’ll have more time to talk with patients instead of chasing charts around. Maybe I”ll write an inspiring post.

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