Happy New Year’s Eve

This year, I’ve found New Year’s much more stressful than Christmas. Maybe that’s because I had absolutely no time to prepare for Christmans, but have had the past 5 days off trying to cram everything left on my 2003 list into the remainder of the year. TV shows promise to run highlight shows of the [...]

New Math vs. Old Math

Complete the following equations (while both answers are the same, the first equation seems to be emotionaly labile, while the second has proven to be hall of fame material): 21st century math: 8 + 86 = ? 1970s version: 12 + 88 = ? UPDATE: Ok, no takers as of 7pm Monday night. I’ll help [...]

Just random stuff

I’m starting to get my energy back. Although I didn’t send off any of my own nasal washings, based on my energy level alone, I’d say there’s a good chance I had the flu and not a cold. I could have had the strain not covered with this year’s shot, or my shot may have [...]

The Benefits of Hysteria

WHile I don’t always agree with Dr. Rangel’s posts, nor do I even understand the majority of them (I’m very simple minded when it comes to policy), I like his analysis of the current flu epidemic.

Snow Globe

Here is the SNow Gobe you could never find in a store. Have a little sadistic Christmas Fun with it! Link via Mr. Noded

Snot Patrol

The secret to being sick for this long is snot control. Too much and you can’t think because your head’s about to explode. Too thick and you’ll go blind trying to blow your nose. Too thin and you’ll rupture a disc in your back sneezing all day. too little and your boogers will dry into [...]

Centers for Disease Control–go to the source

Med Pundit recently wrote about the current media fed Flu Scare, and without picking on him too much, I’ll just say that he mentions some very scary statistics in his post regarding the mortality rate of influenza this year. I had to reread the paragraph twice to be sure that doubts were correct. Further down [...]


I’d say most of our consultants graduated from the Not-my-problem school of medical education. Link via Inspire of the Helix

George Foreman to the rescue

Perhaps a nutritious lowfat cheese sandwich made by my George Foreman grill will help get me back on my feet. Since my last post on tuesday, I have worked a total of about 3 hours. wednesday morning I was scheduled for just the morning shift. With our morning lecture, that makes only about 2 hours [...]

I need a doctor!

Depsite two recent posts about NOT using antibiotics, I started myself on a Z-pack today. It’s been 11 or 12 days and I’m getting worse. Last night I was up all night choking on phlegm draining from my sinuses. I was wrapped in a fleece blanket, a wool comforter, had a heating pad under all [...]