Role playing

The IKEA role playing game presents a methodical, albiet entirely fictional, strategy on surviving an IKEA shopping trip with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It objectifies employees, clerks and other shoppers and turns each showroom into a WORLD, requiring a specific TASK to unlock the next WORLD. POWER-UPs can be bought at the CAFE in the form of [...]

Poof…I’m an obstetrician!

This month, I’m an obstetrician/gynecologist. Catching babies isn’t too hard, but I want to be comfortable knowing when I should be catching them in the ER versus having time to send an ambulance to labor and delivery. Today, a woman who came in for an elective c-section abrupted right in front of us. That means [...]

Flight 011

This flight had all the potential for an epic. It was 10:30pm, (my shift is over at 11pm), and the pediatric intensivist was on the phone wondering if a helicopter ride would worsen a little boy’s injuries. He was about 3 hours from our hospital and needed intensive care treatment. I was dispatched with the [...]

Flight 010

Before we landed from the first flight today, we were already on standby for this one. As soon as the trucker was transferred to the ED staff, we were back up to the roof to another scene. This one was 5 teenagers in an SUV. The car slipped on black ice and tumbled into a [...]

Flight 009

Head-on tractor trailer collision. Apparently the wind picked up the northbound truck and ‘helped’ it across the median strip into another tractor trailer. The mechanism alone is enough to call a trauma alert. Circling over the scene in the chopper was amazing. Traffic was backed up as far as we could see to the north. [...]


Someone “launched” me via email yesterday and I had an all time high of 130 visitors for the day. I can’t tell who launched me or why, though. Can anyone help out?

I am Literate, I just don’t like books.

A link for my friend Jim, who likes to play with words. (scroll down to “Curve O Learning”) My most memorable gift ever was from my friend Jim. During our first year of college, he sent me a care package containing about a dozen novels. Inside was a letter describing the wonderful party he was [...]


When the director of the department stands at the desk, looking down the hallway watching the helicopter crew wheel a sick patient in…and he looks directly at the two second year residents (me) sitting behind the desk and says, “They’re bringing in a pretty sick patient right now,” …it’s generally a good idea to get [...]

Status Epilepticus

2 year old boy with a siezure disorder, rushed in by Mom. She’s given him a total of 20 milligrams of Valium in the last three hours and he’s still seizing. The nurse came to get me, “do you want to see a kid who’s siezing?” I usually respond yes to these types of direct [...]

Mix and match meds

So this guy comes in, covered in a rash. An allergic reaction to his antibiotics. Now he’s got a fever. He’s a nervous nelly to boot, trying to convince me that he had “chemical poisoning” in the 70s due to his former profession as a chemistry teacher. Being a scientist, I knew that he would [...]