Status Epilepticus

2 year old boy with a siezure disorder, rushed in by Mom. She’s given him a total of 20 milligrams of Valium in the last three hours and he’s still seizing. The nurse came to get me, “do you want to see a kid who’s siezing?” I usually respond yes to these types of direct nursing requests…I usually take it as a compliment that they think I can handle stuff…

His back was arched back with his neck extended and his tongue stiffened and contracted inside his mouth. he was gurgling and drooling. We got an IV started (amazing job by the LPN) and gave him 2 mg of Ativan. Within about 10 minutes, he was awake, smiling, giggling and bouncing on his mother’s lap. Mom and dad were ecstatic. I called pediatrics right away while I was still in the process of managing the siezure, and by the time they got down to see him, he was done siezing. TUrns out he had an ear infection which probably tipped him over the edge. He was admitted to pediatric neurology.

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