Bird Site Logo?

Check out Scribbler, via Meg, which helped me create this drawing. Maybe I’ll use it as my Herodias logo instead of the placeholder flower that is there now.


Check out this great “NEW” medical blog. Blogborygmi started about the same time I did, but stayed “in the closet” until recently. He outed himself to me, so now I’m outing him to the rest of my readers. His writing style is refreshingly clever, less about politics than some medical blogs, and more about the [...]

Like a three-ring circus

Hey, how come nobody gave me a good luck or a congrats on getting past the in-service exam? I’m sure you’re out there, let me know you care! It’s just one more hoop to jump through on the long, long road to board certification. My next hoop is USMLE (US Medical Liscensing Exam) Step 3, [...]


I finally signed up for emergiblogs. I had been too lazy to fill out the form and insert the code into my template, but for lack of any substantial blogging material today, I decided to go for it. Check out the emergiblogs, and add yourself to it! Tomorrow is the annual in-service exam for emegency [...]

Gamer’s Guide to OB, Part V of V (final installment)

OK, if you’re really interested in delivering babies on your OB rotation, the first thing you need to know is that “pushing” starts once the cervix is comletely dilated at 10 cm. If there is still cervix left (less than 10 cm dilation), you risk tearing of the cervix, possibly affecting future pregnancies. Well, last [...]

Two Degrees of Blog a Success

See comments for last post to visit blogs that are three degrees from your own (mine being the first!). We’ll play again next week, so get your links ready. Meantime, here is a great game for the puzzle minded, called “Grow the World“, kind of like Sim World, but wierder and it only takes about [...]

"Two Degrees of Blog"

A new Friday blog meme by yours truly… Find a new blog separated by yours by two degrees. What does that mean? Select a blog that is linked or blogrolled from one of your own blogrolled blogs, and post a referral to it in your main blog post for tomorrow along with a one-liner note [...]

In the beginning…

…when the blogosphere was fresh, there were dozens of new medical bloggers to get to know. Since I’ve settled into my blog browsing habits, and have regular referrers, the initial sense of excitement and discovery has worn off a bit. However, over time, there are occasional new referrers, or medical bloggers separated by only two [...]

Baby Tally

I’m up to 5 and a half deliveries for the month. The 1/2 was just cutting the cord. I really like delivering babies…there is a point where you just know that the next push will bring the baby’s head out that’s just thrilling. All that laboring, placental delivery and blood I can do without, though. [...]

Gamer’s Guide to OB, Part IV

Welcome back fellow gamers. Now that you’ve had a few days to lurk around the OB UNDERWORLD, I’m sure you’ve discovered a few things of your own. It is good for me to leave you to discover your own hidden GEMS in this otherwise DRAB world. Your first few days are disorganized and frustrating and [...]