It’s My …

Last Day. …of the ICU …of inpatient medicine …of rotations with overnight calls …of sitting through 3 hours of trauma/critical care rounds, falling asleep in the dark …of chasing interns orders In celebration my post from last year’s last day in the ICU and my last day as an intern…

The Rest of the Story

Last night’s lessons in the ICU all involved interpersonal interactions…much like previous call night’s lessons. These however, all involved conflict with other hospital staff & physicians… For starters. I take a trauma patient to MRI with known spinal fractures and in spinal shock, on levaphed & fluids. People start moving and pushing him around until [...]

Last Night

With 15 months and 2 days to serve in my residency, I am doing my last call night ever tonight! It’s about 3:30AM, and I’m just starting to see patients for just one day of role reversal. The new interns start tomorrow, so my intern is off to bed so he can start cardiology in [...]

Inpsiration and Balance

AdventureBear has a mind of his own. But when he surfed on over to Deep Language, and subsequently to Rock on, Rock on, he asked me to share his work with you.

Bedside vigil

The family of the Amish man is singing again as I sit here and type. I moved down to the closest nursing station to listen. There is one man and two or three women, dressed in simple black clothing. The language isn’t English, it’s probably a version of Pennsylvania Dutch or German. They’re singing now [...]

Road trips

Roadtrips. The bane of my existance as an upper level resident. Taking critically ill patients off the floor for imaging tests, drainage of abcesses, MRIs, etc. Things always go bad at inopportune times, like waiting in the elevator for example… The patient I whose bed I was rushing down the first floor hallway had been [...]


The ICU was stragely quiet yesterday (Sunday). No admissions, one death. No codes or patients crashing. Staff docs let me cruise the unit and manage patients with little oversight. Nurses came to me first, thankful that “someone good” was on call tonight. I’m not sure what that means, but I take it as a complement. [...]


I have finally learned how to deal with being surrounded by death, sickness, tragedy and the medical point of no return. I have eliminated every emotional aspect of patient care. A daughter standing by her mother’s side, waiting for a day that may never come? She is just an observer to me. I don’t ask [...]

Mr. Hassle’s GREEN Underpants

Thought you’d like something a little lighthearted for St. Patty’s day after all this tragedy and death. The good news? Nobody died while I was on call yesterday. The bad news? Everything was green! Green vomit, green poop, green abdominal wall drainage, green pistachio cake, green donuts, green flashing LED shamrocks that gave all our [...]

The Gift of Death

Her son came back today. He shifted his weight from foot to foot. He took off his baseball hat and clutched it in front of his chest, knuckles turning white. “I think we’d like to donate her organs.” “I think that’s a great gift that can come from her death.” “How long would it take?” [...]