In one piece

From my long absence, you may have guessed I was out of town…you’d be right. Now I’m back, but there’s a problem…my back. Remember the sciatica I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, it worsened to the point that I’ll be having surgery this thursday. I hope I can continue blogging. Maybe a play-by-play version [...]


particularly by the 5th & 6th comments to my “Parkland Formula” entry below.

Big Cats

Finally finished work, dications paperwork. Relaxing in front of The Animal Planet, watching “Big Cats” at 3 AM. As I watch, Jasper & Louise are playing their own game of Big (House) Cats. Louise is being especially predatory tonight, currently perched on top of a chair, halfway hidden in a duffle bag. Her whiskers slicked [...]


Once again, indecision is the biggest factor in my enjoyment of working in the ED. Anger, frustration, headaches and long patient stays can all be tracked down to the same factor, or at least the only factor that I have control over…indecision. Usually it stems from not wanting to let patients down, or knowing (thinking) [...]

Parkland Formula

Imagine a little girl reaching up to a pot of boiling water and pulling it down on top of herself. Can you see the water splashing against her chest, running down the front of her stomach and her chest? Imagine a little girl climbing into a bath or sink of hot water. How many limbs [...]

April Ides bring Financial Tides!

Today I… Paid my Taxes Paid my Bills Cancelled an old bank account Set up automatic deposit for my Roth IRA Obtained a copy of my credit report Finally joined The National Wildlife Fund, The Nature conservancy and subscribed to Birds & Blooms, all for the same amount that my last parking ticket cost me. [...]

Oxidation & Pyrolysis

London 1666. Chicago 1871. Peshtigo, Wisconsin 1871. Coconut Grove, Boston, 1941. West Warwick, RI 2003. What do these incidents all have in common? Two things…Oxidation & Pyrolysis. “Someone was yelling ‘Fire!’, ‘Fire!’, so I ran into the apartment. There was smoke everywhere and I pulled my T-shirt up over my mouth and nose. I was [...]

Satellite blackouts

I am currently taking a self directed course called Understanding Geographic Information from ESRI, as a refresher course. My undergraduate degree was in Geographic Information Systems. When I graduated from college, civilian use GPS on an individual or recreational level was impossible to due a deliberate random error introduced into the GPS signal by the [...]

Background Thinking

There is a big difference between working an ED shift, and working a day of floor medicine/cards/surgery/ICU/PEDS. On the one hand, I go home at the end of my day, forget about everyone, and start anew the next day. On the other hand, while I’m working in the ED, I am working continuously. Literally. Pick [...]

Two Degrees of Blog…Resurrected!

This resurrection may be 2 days early, but I’m resuming my weekly Friday blog meme…Two degrees of blog. Here’s how it works. Pick a blog that you link to, and post a blog that they link to. Post both of them with a quick one liner of why you like them. Like this… The Helix, [...]