Connecting with your patients

My last patient today had “personality disorder” listed multiple times in her record, and even on her most recent discharge 3 weeks ago. I prepared myself for a headache. What should be a straightforward patient interview had the potential to become a nightmare. I entered the room and immediately her husband started to raise his [...]

Short Hiatus

Mr. Hassle & I will be taking a short hiatus while the pandemonium of June scheduling resolves itself. Check back in a few weeks, or send me an email if you like.

1 year blogiversary

This week more or less marks my 1 year blogiversary. Look at my sitemeter counter over the past year! I never would have guessed how many people would eventually read my blog. One year of visitors!Posted by Hello Back to work in 1 week…that means many, many more exciting stories are in store for you. [...]

Mystery Duck

Two new birds to add to my list…a grey catbird and the barn swallow. The catbird was in a bush just a few feet off the trail at the lake. The barn swallows I first saw…where else…near a barn. But yesterday I went back to the lake around dusk and watched the swallows swoop in [...]