ProMotion en route

I just ordered my triathlon wet suit today.  I’m swimming the first leg of an Olympic Distance Triathlon in 9 days, a 1 mile swim.  Last year I promised that I wouldn’t do it without a wetsuit to add a little bouyancy and safety to the swim.  With tendrils of seaweed grabbing my ankles and [...]

Do you want another patient?

Anytime a nurse asks you this question, run and hide, immediately.  The question is asked because a) it’s a woman with pelvic pain, and you’re the only one on b) the patient is a child/friend/coworker and the nurse thinks you’ll treat them nicely or c) the patient is very, very sick, and the nurse doesn’t [...]

The Troupe Fantastique

My public announcement is almost a month overdue, but I am pleased to announce the public unveiling of a collaberative group blog called The Lingual Nerve.  The Lingual Nerve is the collective thought of 7 different physicians from around the world, plus a London prehospital provider.   Please scroll back to the July 1 posting by [...]

Resident Sleep Deprivation

Yesterday, I planned to be very productive in the 3 hours of free time I had between lectures ending at 11am, and work, starting at 2pm.  As I puttered around the kitchen cleaning and sorting stuff, I accidentaly stepped on my cat’s tail, resulting in a loud cry.  I felt so badly, that I got [...]

Festival Weekend

Saturday was rodeo night! Civil War re-enactments… Garden Tours… …and watching my sunflowers bloom! Posted by Hello

How does research ever get done???

So while recovering from my back surgery, I went through the painful process of finishing up my CV, filling out research application templates for two studies, getting it signed by both the department directory and the department of surgery director, only to find out today, 2/3 of the way through my 2nd “research” month that [...]

Photos with my new Pentax Optio S4i

My black-eyed susans in full bloom. And some tomatoes, unripe as of yet. Posted by Hello

Hugs from blueberries

She and her sister were both in their eighties. Both sprouted thin, curly gray hair, like a baby doll’s hair. Deep wrinkles accented their smiles, foreheads and cheeks. Her left had was twice as big as the right, however, and she held it gently with her free hand. “What happened?” I asked. “We were picking [...]

Palmar arches

So this guy comes in holding an ABD dressing over his left hand, and it’s absolutely soaked in blood. “Hand laceration” is his chief complaint. He looks apprehensive. This isn’t good, I thought. The staff physician was right outside signing some charts. “Can you take a quick look at this with me?” I calmly called [...]

Flying on the 4th of July….Part 2

Chums does a figure 8 over the scene of the reported inferno. But all I see is a parking lot full of flashing red lights. No smoke. No fire. Maybe there is no inferno. We fly back to the planned landing zone at the hospital on the hill. THere is still no ambulance waiting for [...]