Interesting Patients

1) Another anaphylactic shock. She came to the ED within 15 minutes of eating pizza with a “lump” in her throat and tightness in her lips. she got .5mg of subQ epi STAT and felt much, much better. 2) A man who developed a rash to his antibiotic after nasal reconstruction surgery for a deviated [...]

Concentric Kittens and Fields of Circles

Sorry…make that concentric circles and fields of kittens. The smallest loop around the lake (without getting wet) is about 4-5 miles, but bikes are not allowed. I had to take my first bike rides “around” the lake by doing smaller partial loops, going down one side, turning away from the lake and circling back in. [...]

I’m God

I spoke with God the other day. She was 24, and had recently suffered her second miscarriage. God’s boyfriend sat in the corner of the room crying. She told me that she loved everybody, that there was no war in Iraq and that the government was testing her. “I’ll prove myself to the government if [...]

In the interest of something medical…

OK, really, my enthusiasm has not returned. I’m just letting my bitterness and cynicism simmer for awhile. I’m focusing on becoming faster, more efficient, making quicker (better?) decisions. The more patients I see, the more practice I get. You’d think at some point it would become rote. Today, I saw a 2 year old boy [...]

Posted by Hello

Amish farm on one of my bike rides. Posted by Hello

Memories of Shrimp

This pull from Inturei’s site reminds me of my own shrimp memory: My last memory of him includes some hazy details about a stormy night in Houston. He was six years old; I was nine. I was wearing a shirt-and-shorts set that featured magenta flowers and bright green leaves. He was crying. A scrawny kid [...]

Super Quick Swim workout!

Last night’s swimming work out was cut short by a lightening storm. I had just finished my warm up of Total Immersion Drills, and was on my 2nd 50 yard lap when I hear the lifeguard’s whistle blow. Two teenagers were playing in the deep end under the diving board next to teh swimming lanes, [...]

Training Log

I bought a little academic planner from Nike at Walmart to use as a training log. It’s inspiring because it has dates of all major league, college and olympic sporting events in it. But the very next day, I found something better! Check out Beginner Triathlete, it’s got an easy to use online training log [...]

The Freewill Problem

Just found this blog, intueri, via Codeblog. Really awesome stories. This post shares a different perspective and philosophy about frustration in medicine. Ironically, it was posted the same day as my infamous “Ketoblogosis” Post. And maybe healthcare workers feel frustration with the free will of patients because we are simply trying to make ourselves feel [...]