Facing your fears

Now I see the secret to getting visiters and comments…discuss politiks! (I suppose religion would work as well). I appreciate all that’s been said, it’s amazing how much reaction I got from a one line post! (See “The Party Question” below).

That being said, the fear of being sued in spite of practicing good, evidence based, standard-of-care medicine is the biggest issue facing me and all of my colleagues. I have up until now, chosen not to think about it. However with the issue becoming national headlines due to Kerry’s (insert your own adjective here) running mate (aka ‘the devil’), I would like to take a proactive stance and educate myself about the issues regarding medical malpractice. The problem is that I don’t believe anything that anyone says. It’s all fraught with bias, naturally, even edwardswatch.com is a silly exercise in trying to make him look like a the devil, without objective evidence.

This post is a plea to invite comments regarding where to locate the sources of objective evidence for things like malpractice suits filed, settled, gone to court, dollar figures, risks of being pulled into a suit based on actual figures by practice, part of the country, etc, etc…

Please help me become well informed instead of just fearful and uneducated…

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