I saw my first moray eel today. He was about 5 or 6 feet long, undulating over the coral reefs and across the sandy bottoms straight towards me. Mouth opening & closing, teeth like nails and ugly, ugly, ugly! He swam right underneath me and kept going. I also saw a king crab whose body [...]

Still looking for Nemo

Today’s dives were fantastic, as expected. I still have nto found Nemo, but I have found many of his cousins and distant relatives. The colors are incredible, even the corals are vibrant greens and purples. Today I saw a baracuda, that swam up to greet me, looked at me then swam away. WE also saw [...]

Life without walls

Imagine it… climate year round which makes walls obsolete. Sure there are a few bugs carrying things like malaria and dengue fever, but for the most part, a night breeze keeps most of them at bay. I have yet to find a building here, with the exception of the little room I am staying in, [...]

putting it all in perspective

the night I arrived, I sought out a place where I could have a beer and watch the sunset. I found myself relaxing on a wooden platform, overlooking a bay where the calm waters of the carribbean sea lap up against the white sand beaches of Roatan. One and a half beers later, I realized [...]

Off to paradise

There are few areas of the caribbean that have not been affected/devastated by the recent hurricanes. One of them is the island of Roatan, off the northern coast of Honduras, just east of Belize. That’s where you’ll find me for the next week. The following two weeks I will be doing a medical clinic in [...]

Photos from last weekend’s flood

The levee springs a leak! On the opposite side of this levee, the water is only about 3 feet from the top. This part of town was evacuated the night before about 3 AM, but I don’t think anyone bothered to leave. Sunday morning there were scores of folks doing the same thing I was, [...]

Flooding from Ivan about a mile from my house. This is the other end of the bridge pictured above. This side of the river has no levee.Posted by Hello

Biking scenery ~ 10 miles from my house

Scenery from yesterday’s bike loop.Posted by Hello

What a day

After six days in a row of working evenings capped by 2 twelve hour shifts, I’ve finally arrived at my weekend…Monday and Tuesday off! Rest sorely needed. I’ve got a big list of “to do” items before leaving for the Caribbean for a few weeks…and a week from today, maybe I’ll be posting from a [...]

Babies need 3.5s

Tonight the attending sent me in to see a premature 3 month old baby (actual age was then probably only a few weeks old) with trouble breathing. I had no chart, no parents, no history, just a baby on a bed gasping for air. I thought about the recent “cyanosis in the newborn” lecture I’d [...]