What a day

After six days in a row of working evenings capped by 2 twelve hour shifts, I’ve finally arrived at my weekend…Monday and Tuesday off! Rest sorely needed. I’ve got a big list of “to do” items before leaving for the Caribbean for a few weeks…and a week from today, maybe I’ll be posting from a beachside cafe…

TOday was an amazing, sunny, cool day and I took advantage of it by driving out to my lake. I went for a 70 minute bike ride followed by stretching, reading and lounging in the sun. How incredibly peaceful and relaxing. Sometimes I forget what it’s like to do that.

Probably the biggest boost to my mood, however was yesterday’s work shift. The day was slow as molasses, partly because many roads are still closed from teh flooding and people couldn’t get to the ER. Those of course, are the visits that can wait until tomorrow anyway. SO I had time to catch up on every single outstanding chart in my inbox (a total of about 100…shh…don’t tell!) AND I went home a minute early. 😉 They kept trying to kick me out an hour before I was done, but I wanted to take advantage of the work environment to finish up all that stuff before I leave for vacation.

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