home safe

I’m back from Honduras, it was an amazing trip. I wish that I could have posted a blog everyday, because there are hundreds of little encounters that you would have enjoyed, and by now, many of them are lost to me. But there are a handful of patients that stand out, and a handful (or [...]

Hole in the wall

I am now officially an advanced open water diver, and to celbrate, my instructors took me an an advanced “fun dive” to a location called “Hole in the Wall”. There is a canyn in the reef that dives down to a hole in the wall that you swim through, and when you get to the [...]

They don’t bite

I did my first wreck dive today, a sunken ship in about 100 feet of water just off the coast. It was sunk abut 7 years ago by one of the resorts to provide another diving destination and tae soem of the traffic away from teh reefs and corals. There are two resident moray eels [...]

Snorklen for Rent

English is the first language of many island folks, but they must not emphasize reading & writing very much. The above title is a handpainted sign in front of one of the knick-knack shacks, and reflects the sing-song accent of the garufina–the black slaves that were brought to the island. I still havnt found nemo. [...]