A slow way to go

I knew he was dying the moment he came in and I watched him slowly die. I was called to the bedside on three different occasions to evaluate a man with shortness of breath. The first time, he got a stat duoneb and got better. The second time, he was hypotensive. We put in central [...]


Tetanus is a rare but deadly disease with only about 40 cases seen per year in the US. THis year, 2 cases came through our emergency department, both seen by the same resident, a colleague of mine. Think about those odds. less than 1 case per state per year, and my classmate has seen 2 [...]

Turkey Toe

Well, the holiday frozen turkey toe and foot injuries were not as numerous as I had imagined they would be. Only one real frozen turkey injury. But plenty of other holiday traumas… 1 Finger laceration while washing dishe 1 Toe Nail avulsion while moving deceased relatives belongings out of a nursing home 2 pediatric facial [...]

Safety-Just in Time

It was the kind of game you love to watch. Two conference rivals, battering one another, trading leads througout the game. We get a field goal, they get a touchdown, we get a touchdown, they get another, finally we score again. There are less than three minutes left in the game when we sack their [...]

Medical Weblogs Award

Submit your nominations at Echo Journal Looking through my archives, I used to write pretty interesting stuff. Lately, not so interesting, huh? I won’t be offended if you don’t nominate me, but you should head over to echo journal and check it out. On the other hand, if there were a nomination for Best Medical [...]

Blogger Sucks

It takes enough energy to get through an ED shift these days, not to mention trying to create a blog entry worth reading. (blogging is much harder when work is a drag). SO you can imagine how irritated I am right now that blogger just at a full page post. I think I’m more pissed [...]

It doesn’t belong there!

So this 30ish year old woman comes in last night complaining of “stomach pains” and said she was diagnosed with a UTI a few days ago by her primary and given Cipro and Vicoden. That part of the story alone sounds fishy to me…I’ve never given vicoden for pain associated with a UTI, and a [...]

Three hundred and forty

This man came in this morning with one of the highest blood alcohol levels I’ve ever seen in an awake patient. This was after he threatened suicide, yelled at his wife and kid who were scared enough to go to grandma’s house. He was brought in for a petition for involuntary committment due to risk [...]

Job Hunt

Less than a week ago I made my first inquiry into jobs for after graduation, and today I had my first 2 job interviews. Both were at community hospitals, one even more community than the other…no trauma, no OB, no Peds, no Psych…boring. I just had an icky feeling while I was interviewing. The director [...]

Flight 020

Beautiful, windy day. On the radio, the landing zone is described to us as a “landfill”. Nothing in the way of landing. No trees, no high wires, no towers, nothing to get in the way. I couldn’t imagine where this landing site was, we’d never used it before despite numerous calls to this area. As [...]