"Say goodbye to the cruel monkey year!"

Say goodbye to the cruel monkey year! Bangkok headlines bid farewell to the year of the Monkey The Sea, The Sea A Sri Lanken photo blog I survived a tidal wave A first hand account of the waves and destruction by Ernest who was vacationing on Phuket Island I still love the sea Another Sri [...]

Tsumami Blogs

Here is a great start if you’re looking for Tsunami blogs. This one has many, many volunteer contributors with first hand accounts of all kinds of stuff happening. They have over 300,000 site hits in less than one week. I havn’t had time to read through it all, but scroll down the page to see [...]

People of the Year

Congratulations, fellow bloggers! We’re people of the year according to ABC News!

Job Search Woes

Job “A” has been offered to someone else that the staff knows well, but the director is not convinced he will take the job…wants to keep me on the line. Job “B” is offering me a big bonus to sign now and not later. I like Job A better. Job C is offering me some [...]

Doctors Without Borders has sent several aid teams to South Asia to assist there. You’ve probably heard that the expected death toll from communicable disease may approach the death toll from the tsunamies themselves. Malaria, dengue, cholera and pneumonia are expected to begin to spread quickly if clean water & other supplies are not made [...]

hit Map

My Hit Map is now working! I see my friends from New Zealand havn’t yet visited yet. Where are you visiting from?

Another busy night

Although this time,not quite as sick. A listing, in no particular order, of the patients I saw last night… -5 month old baby who fell off a chair -corrections officer with a thumb injury from a patient struggle -fall on outstretched wrist, status post carpal tunnel surgery -cellulits, failed outpatient therapy -multiple cervical fractures in [...]

Grand Rounds XIII

Read some of the finest outtakes on medical blogging over at CodeBlueBlog, the host of Grand Rounds XIII. I have been negligent on advertising Grand Rounds on my blog, because it’s initiation coincided well with my self-imposted post-surgical blogging hiatus. Enjoy.

The Graveyard Shift

This past weekend I worked 2 12 hour shifts, both of them unreasonably slow. Now I’m not complaining…On Saturday, I was able to catch up on about 21 delinquent charts from the weekend before. I set the stack of shorthand scribbled carbon copies in front of my computer and hammered them out, one by one. [...]

Frustration, Feedback and Flight 22

I get frustrated very easily at work. I get frustrated by my lack of knowledge and indecision, and have to constantly talk myself up. But every once in awhile, I get some feedback that makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself… Yesterday I had 2 such experiences. I had a [...]