Black Radishes & Honey

Fantastic writing from Dr. Charles, highlighted in last week’s Grand Rounds. An exerpt: And then suddenly there was a noise from within, like the flapping of bats’ wings. I held onto the stethoscope that dangled from my neck like a crucifix, hoping that it would offer me some protection against her foul beasts.

Flight 024

Flight 024, however, was an adventure. I’m not sure how the patient made out just yet, but at least he survived to the hospital and beyond admission. This was a callout for an 80 year old man whose tractor rolled over an embankment by his house into the creek below. He was pinned underneath for [...]

Flight 025

I don’t really want to write about this, but it’s probably good for you to hear about it, and probably good for me to write about it. It’s the kind of case that we all have nightmares about, wonder if we’ll know what to do when the time comes, wonder if we’ll forget everything that [...]

Nothing is ever simple…

At our hospital, a tertiary, no quaternary referral center, nothing is ever simple. As I continue my effors to thrust “D” to the top of my patient assessment list, I am thrilled to pick up charts with a quick disposition. For example… HIVES. Easy. As I scribble the script for prednisone & benedryl on my [...]

Flight 023

I was the physician on-scene to pronounce this man dead. At first glance, it appeared that the car had hit a telephone pole. There was an indentation of about 5-6 feet in the front end of the car, displacing the engine completely. The car lay at teh bottom of a small embankment at the intersecion [...]

Recent BlogRoll Additions

CodeBlueBlog Who is CodeBlueBLog? I’m not sure, there’s no profile on his site. But he writes nicely in the CSI style, and has interesting links. (i’m not one of them yet Alton Brown Host of “Good Eats”, Alton Brown has a pseudo blog, infrequently updated. Smart, entertaining, food science for all ages! MadDog Medic The [...]

Member in a Bottle

The man from the state mental hospital who was well known to the urology service came rolling in on a gurney accompanied by 2 attendants at about 6:15 in the morning. It had been a long, busy night, and I wondered if I could escape without seeing up until my 7AM relief arrived. Moments later, [...]

Randomness & Uncertainty

A nice post about randomness, chance & uncertainty from the Book of Joe, the world’s only blogging anesthesiologist. Site via Grunt Doc. (Another 2 degress of blog link)

Then why did you come?

I don’t understand patients who find it necessary to come to the ED and then reject the professional advice you give. In particular…remember the lady who stabbed herself in the groin? She didn’t want to be admitted for her near fatal wound, she wanted to go home to see her kids. How can they not [...]

Another reason to start jogging

I’ve been thinknig about trying to make my blog more CSIish, like some other blogs out there, namely CodeBlueBLog (link to follow). But I’ve hardly got the time to think that much about other people’s medical problems. In the meantime, this is a quirky post from ByrkMantra, Linked to from Mandarin Designs (Two degrees of [...]