Flight 027

Dispatched at about 18:45 for an MVC south east of us about 20-30 miles. Arrive on scene and hop into the ambulance. 50ish year old guy with oxygen on his face, no blood. Medic sitting calmly at the side of the rig. He begins his presentation. “Mr Smith began experience chest pain this evening around…” [...]

Cancer Comics

Here is a very moving site that you should visit if you have a free half hour or so. It’s called Mom’s Cancer. I won’t spoil the story, but the ending has a nice twist. His web site has sinced spawned family blogs about the experience. I hope you enjoy it. Link kudos to Beautiful [...]

How do I rank?

Today abut 4000 of my colleagues and myself took a four hour exam designed to simulate our actual board of emergency medicine certification exams. We get compared to all emergency medicine trainees in the country at the same training level and recieve an overall percentage score, as well as a percentile score. My intern year, [...]

Teachable Moments

There are frequently paramedic students in the ED as part of their clinical rotations. I enjoy having them around…but they’ve got a tough job to learn, I think. On one hand, they need to practice skills like IV starts and blood draws and spend a lot of time with the nurses & techs doign EKGs. [...]

You’re worst nightmare

What’s your worst nightmare to have happen while working?How do you feel about conscious sedation?Pediatric conscious sedation?See where I’m going yet? Well it happened to a collegue tonight. Without going into details, he had a child who stopped breathing…complete respiratory arrest…while getting her face sutured. WOW, scary. I assessed her while he was giving bag [...]

The best reason I’ve heard yet.

Tonight I was interviewing a young lady. A pleasantly paranoid young mother of two. Her boyfriend had kicked her out. She took her kids to her sister-in-law’s, and went to a homeless shelter. Later she decided that life wasn’t worth living, and eventually ended up in my ER for psychiatric evaluation. The beginning of the [...]

Flight 026

Today I flew for a double trauma only about 10 miles from my house. I got some great areal views of my house along the way too. It was a stretch of windy road, along a famous fly fishing creek. Involved were 3 cars and a tractor trailer, stretched out along the road over several [...]

PCP and privacy

Suppose you are seeing a patient, who is a prisoner and is accompanied by 2 guards in bulletproof vests and the patient is shackled at teh feet, with one arm cuffed to teh rail of the stretcher. YOu are strongly suspicious that this patient has PCP pneumonia as well as HIV/AIDS. First question: 1) Would [...]

Superbowl Sunday

I live in a tiny town in a state with two outstanding football teams. My favorite team beat BOTH teams that are in the superbowl today. So while my heros (Tommy, Ben, Bettis, etc) are watching from home, the state’s OTHER team will be playing for teh vince lombardi trophy. I”ll be rooting for the [...]

New kid on the block

Check out medic student, a new blog by a 20 year medic student working on a busy fire service. Great stories, lots of action! Welcome to the blogging world!