Why I hate my job right now

After seeing the nice spacious layout, friendly communication, standing floor orders of the Miracle Hospital in Augusta last weekend, I was nothing but frustrated today at scattered charts all over the department…the only way we have of keeping track of who we see. No patient tracking board of anytype. Sure, we have an electronic schedule, [...]

Blogging Docs Meet

While visiting my grandmother in South Carolina, I slipped over the border into Augusta, Georgia to meet Web Surfin’ Blogger, also a third year emergency medicine resident! He showed me around their department, they have an awesome bed tracking system (we have none) and a very spacious department. We celebrated the near end of our [...]

Beach Rain

Somehow, rain at the ocean seems a little funny to me. I’m at Hilton Head, adn sitting in this internet cafe makes me recall my blogger updates from tropical Roatan last november, searching for Nemo, chasing green morays and swimming with the yellowfins. But it’s about 30 degrees cooler here, and the rain isn’t stopping. [...]

Papa’s Den

I am sitting in my grandfathers den right now, surrounded by mementoes of his lifetime. The wall are covered with photographs, mainly of aviation, but some of family as well. In one corner are photos of my father and uncle, twins. I think there are equal numbers of photos of each one. Fishing, wrestling, canoeing, [...]

Bono and the Boss

Performing together tonight for the first time ever on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies on VH1….my new favorite channel for mindless entertainment. Although I have to say that the speech by Bruce Springstein inducting U2 into the Hall of Fame was one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard in my life, [...]


TOday was my most intense sedation yet. 1 year old hypotonic, failure to thrive with chronic right upper lobe atalectasis. He was being sedated to get a spinal tap, Percutaneous Gastrostomy tube, and a bronchoscopy. His underlying health status was poor. He was weak. His chest wall was weak and soft. His loudest cry sounded [...]

Almost Outed

First of all, congratulations to GruntDoc. Not only did he with the Best Medical BLog of the Year, but he made front page news on the monthly trade mag, “Emergency Physician’s Monthly.” I emptied out my mailbox today and scanned the front page of the current issue. Right there, front page news, is the headline, [...]

Updates on Shazam’s Life

OK, I haven’t been blogging much here, I apoligize. Partly because I am blogging elsewhere about my exercise & nutrition in preparation for a triathlon in May, so that diverts some of the things I’d normally write about here. But just to get you up to speed, it is a sprint triathlon, with a 1/2 [...]

Are air ambulances overused?

I would say so, based on personal experience (see Flight 027 post). I refer you simply to this well written post with excerpts and references on Cut to Cure. See also the original NYT article that describes the incident spurring recent debate.

Milk of Amnesia

I am currently doing a rotation in pediatric sedation. It is awesome. Every day I put kids to sleep and wake them up again. I watch them breath, I tilt their heads, thrust their jaws, blow by oxygen as needed and see procedures I have only read about before…kidney biopsies, intrathecal methotrexate therapy, etc. I [...]