Clipping Bones

I chopped off some fingertips today. I young guy came in who had pinched his hand between a truck chassis and a steel beam and ripped off the tips of each of his last 2 fingers on his left hand. I unwrapped the bandage and there were two little bones peeking out at me. I [...]

3 Clematis & some sunflowers from last summerPosted by Hello

Spring Yard Work

My landlady came with her son to do some spring yardwork. I’m sure part of their enthusiasm has to do with trying to show the house for a new renter this summer. But to my horror, in her enthusiasm, she cut down every last Clematis vine! PLEASE TELL ME THEY WILL GROW BACK!!!!! I have [...]

Spring plowingPosted by Hello

Fast ride

Well, it was fast for me, maybe not for “real” cyclists. I did the River Road ride, which is super fast! It felt so great to be pedaling UPHILL at 17-18 miles per hour! The ride was 20 miles total, which was just right. The past two rides I’ve done, I’ve had the unique sensation [...]

15 weeks 4 days

No, that’s not a countdown to anything, that’s how long this baby was growing inside of its mother’s womb. the family ws driving from missouri to new jersey when they pulled off the highway, following the blue “H” signs and arrived at our door. She was a teenager from latin america and had not received [...]

Wiped Out

Feeling wiped out today, not entirely sure why. It’s a rest week for me in my training plane (week 12 of 16), and I’ve been slacking on the run. I ddin’t refeul post workout yesterday, but instead waited an hour before eating a regular meal that didn’t sit well. I also started yesterday’s ride dehydrated [...]

Maybe she should be golfing

Chief complaint: DizzinessBy the way, the CT scan showed I have a tumor in my brain. Typical of the referrals we get. This lady was happily golfing with her husband at their winter home in florida when she went to the ER to be evaluated for dizziness. A CAT scan showed a large mass in [...]

One of these things is not like the other…

My triathlon pose Compared to a professional triathlete’s pose…I’m getting there…Posted by Hello

Swim, bike, run

Triathlon training is going very well. I’m in week 11 of a 16 week program to do a sprint distance triathlon (except the bike is 24 miles, not 12 and the run is 4 miles, not 3) at the end of May. It’s actually pretty close to an olympic distance triathlon, except for the swim. [...]