Work doesn’t change

Scuba diving adventure will have to wait. Entirely too late to post much. Spent about 2-3 hours playing with Pegasus as an email client on my laptop. Seems to work only when it wants. Large attachments crashed the program, then would not let me reopen it until I manaully deleted the bounced messages files using [...]

Home again

Back from a great week’s vacation in California. Feeling very relaxed. I can’t believe I have to go to work tomorrow, ugh! I have a lot to do in the next two weeks, trying not to think about it right now. When I get a chance, I’ll write about my scuba diving adventure gone awry…

I survived!

I survived the triathlon, finished in one piece, and I didn’t finish last! I even passed a few people on the bike, they were all on mountain bikes, as I was. the water was frigid, about 55 degrees. the run was beautiful, through the pine barrens on sandy trails by the lake. Ran into someone [...]

Septic Emboli

27 year old guy comes in with a “spider bite”. What he didn’t realize is that the little blue spots on his fingers & toes were septic emboli from a blood borne infection. Did it start with the “bite”? Was the bite really an IV drug site? A skin popping site? For an otherwise health [...]

Saturday Twenty One

Another great bike ride today with a friend, 26 miles. Maybe a little too much for 1 week before my triathlon, but it was so much fun, such a great day, and I couldn’t help myself. We went all over my usual routes, this time connecting several together. Started at the lake, down Ant’s Hill [...]

Twenty Two!

2nd of 9 shifts in a row done as well. The most exciting thing today was I got my new triathlon racing suit…suitable for swimming (snug), biking (thin layer of padding), and running without having to don & doff clothing at transitions. 8 days to triathlon!

Twenty Three

Mr. Crabby Neurologist apologized to me today in a very adult way, unlike his behavior the other night. Busy shift, but not too interesting. 18 year old with siezures. 98 year old crocheting, churchgoer got weak. Man with fever sent by nursing home even though his PCP ordered a UA and started Cipro already. Little [...]

THings you don’t want to try for the first time on a real person

For this post, I really wish I had the writing skills of VictorVanHee or Dr. Charles. Perhaps if they are reading, they could rewrite todays experience for me. Victor…remember that post of mine that you rewrote, then I wrote a parody of it? Perhaps something similar could happen here. Anyway, today was the annual Pig [...]

Twenty four

How scary it must be, to be locked inside a brain that cannot express itself. She was able to see but not identify, hear but not understand, talk but not be understood. Sometimes a little medical knowledge is a little to much. AS I performed a systematic neurologic exam on the older woman, her entire [...]

Bike & Climb

This was a fantastic day, the sun was out, the temperature was perfect. The lilacs are blooming as are the azaleas & magnolias. I did a 24 mile ride…my last “long” ride before the triathlon. It was beautiful and quiet. No amish farms on this ride, but below are a few photos of the ride. [...]