As tempting as it is to leave my last post as my final post, I must start blgging again. I have finally arrived after 2 1/2 days in the car, with the cats, in a beautiful mountain town in the Rockies. Introduced as “Dr. Shazam” to all the staff at the hospital. Engineering showed up [...]

And then there were none…

Wow, I can hardly believe it. THree years gone by in this little tiny town. I have grown to enjoy the surroundings quite a bit. I will miss the bike rides through Amish farms, the gurgling creek behind my house after a rain, the friendly small-town way people treat each other. Sigh. The woods with [...]




Reminder to self: Pack cat’s antibiotics in the car with me.


8 days to moving day. Spent the afternoon (after 3 hours of sleep post night shift) packing and going through paperwork, tidying up bills, setting up payment for student loans (they’re actually going to make me start paying!!!) It’s nice to throw out junk, but it would’ve been nicer to do it while I was [...]

Flight 031

Now this is what scene calls were meant to be. Not too much blood, but just enough to be gory. Not too injured, but injured enough to require intubation. This guy was in a motorcycle accident, he wasn’t wearing a helmet. he was drunk and acting goofy, didn’t want to lie flat and complaining of [...]


I hit the trails again this evening for a dusk ride by myself. It took me 36 minutes to reach the very top of the ridgeline where the power cut divides teh trails in half. I went straight across like I did last week, but then quickly came to a tri-furcation in the trail. First [...]


Now I can count them on one hand. Last night was the busiest night I’ve ever worked, we had 11 people check in between midnight and 1 AM. What were they all thinking? After that we had about 3 an hour right up until 7 AM when it finally slowed down. Lots of farmers with [...]

Flight 030

This flight was nice because it was a long (ish) trip to the pickup site. The patient’s story was pretty ho-hum, though. I’m not sure why they asked for a helicopter. Basically she was drunk adn passed out next to her car and woke up with slurred speech. We picked her up in a hospital [...]


The first member of my class to move on had his final shift today. It was surreal watching him walk out the door, knowing that he wouldn’t be back. He put in a long shift, came back after an hour of charting to find his last patient crashing. He intubated him as his last official [...]