And then there were none…

Wow, I can hardly believe it. THree years gone by in this little tiny town. I have grown to enjoy the surroundings quite a bit. I will miss the bike rides through Amish farms, the gurgling creek behind my house after a rain, the friendly small-town way people treat each other. Sigh. The woods with the trails, friends that I hardly had enough time to hang out with. The wide open farms, rolling hills and valleys.

My last shift was pretty routine. Saw some patients. Went on a beautiful flight, the prettiest one of all, long, over the mountains to a valley far far away, with an “airport” consisting of a helipad in the middle of a huge farmers field next to the river. It was so wide open that our take off was horizontal, like an airplane’s, instead of vertical like it usually is. As usual, I forgot to bring my camera. that brings the total flight shift number up to 33. Not a bad number, it has a nice feeling to it.

So now I am left with an empty house (friends & family who were visiting have all left), half packed rooms and about 36 hours until the movers arrive. I’d better get out and finish all those things left on my list…ride the trails (again), go for a run, check out the Jerseytown tavern, take photos of all the old buildings in town, relax on my porch, watch the birds, plant a garden, play with the neighbors dogs…

Somehow, I don’t think all of it will get done.


Stay tuned…

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  2 comments for “And then there were none…

  1. Enoch Choi
    June 18, 2005 at 6:11 am

    congrats! welcome to the brave new world!

  2. Dreaming again
    June 19, 2005 at 1:51 am


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