Please wear your helmet!

An enjoyable family vacation turns into a nightmare. But it keeps my job interesting… A family of four rented bikes to ride around the lake…no helmets, but hey, it’s totally flat, and what can go wrong? Mom’s bike slips off the side of the paved pathway, drops a few inches onto the dirt and she [...]

You’d think this sign would help keep us from getting off the trail…Batman and Robin, second pitch. The little white splotch just before the skyline to the left of the pinnacle is my climbing partner. Luckily, the hail started after we were DONE with the climb. The climbs turned into waterfalls. This is back at [...]

Hazards of Being Outdoors

As I study volume II of “preparing for the written boards in emergency medicine”, this post by Dr. Charles hastily brings me back to real-life. Where did I put my insect repellant???

Caught in the Saddle

This isn’t another post about biking, although I did some of that today too. I decided to hike the twin sister’s today, a nice intermediate half-day hike, about half the vertical and distance of Long’s Peak, which I hope to do by the end of August. Due to some other committments, I didnt’ get started [...]

Deer Ridge

WOW, this was a fantastic ride! Up 34 into the fall river entrance of rocky mountain national park. Thought I was almost done when I got to the entrance at 6 miles, and the ranger told me it was another 4 miles to the interesction with the beaver meadows entrance road. AHHH! Things went OK [...]

Curious Street Acrobats

Via Pharyngula. Really, you just have to read it…everyone except my mom & dad…

Lightning storm. Rooftop Rodeo…check out the awesome mountains on the horizon. A view from a climbing desination. Mountain biking…a rare grassy meadow . Posted by Picasa


It’s a small blog world. Rember this post, almost outed? Well who would have ever guessed that on that particular day, another emergency medicine physician on the other side of the country, up in a tiny little mountain town was reading that same article, went to GruntDoc’s blog, saw the name Mr. Hassle’s Long Underpants, [...]


I stood at the counter finishing a chart for a girl with a toothache when the glass doors to the emergency department rattled. “We have an emergency,” shouted an older man with a hearing aid, “We need a wheelchair!” We wheeled in the older woman who was mumbling non-sensical words. “She’s stiffening up,” he shouted [...]

Big Thompson

I am sitting right next to the big Thompson River whle I write this entry. Swallows dart back and forth over the surface catching unseen insects. Gentle eddies form behind each boulder in the stream. I draw an imaginary slalom through the currents, ducking into each eddy along the way. Facing upstream in my imaginary [...]