Another Journey…

Note to self:Put the black and white cat in the car carrier first. That way you won’t spend 30 minutes digging her out from under the bed. I’m sittting here in the coffee shop, procrastinating my drive down the mountain and back across the plains. If I wait here long enough, maybe I won’t have [...]

Epic Ride

If I keep doing “the longest mountain bike ride of my life”, I’m eventually going to run out of trails. Yesterday’s ride was truley EPIC, at least for me. At 25 miles and over 3000 feet of elevation gain, it definately qualifies as a “long ride” as my friend Jeff put it. Unfortunately for Jeff, [...]

Pole Hill Ride

Here’s a map to a place called Pole Hill, a fun series of loops and waterbars that you can really fly on. The point marked “View” is pictured in yesterday’s photos, at a place called “the Notch”. I’ve posted the elevation profile as well. The only reason I got that much in is because I [...]

Photos from the last few weeks…

Mountain biking Crosier Mountain. Piper Meadows has great views. I had to leave my pack animals behind on this hike. ;( Summer snow and fog on Trail Ridge Road. The only shot I got while biking in Winter Park. Colorado State Forest State Park bike ride… View from “The Notch” on Pole Hill.Posted by Picasa

Under the Weather

Feeling a little underthe weather today. Thought that I’d drive up to Lumpy Ridge and just watch the sunset afterwork, but even the bumpy road to the parking lot made my stomach upset. I hung out on a rock and watched the clouds change all sorts of colors, climbed back down, then had my first [...]

Weekend of Great Biking

Saturday, I went to Winter Park and did the longest mountain bike ride of my life, 18 miles with over 3000 feet of elevation gain. Check out the map and elevation profile and see if you don’t agree that it’s AWESOME! The Map Elevation Profile. The next day, I went to Gould, CO and did [...]

Just Relax

RelaxPosted by Picasa Have you ever taken a two week vacation? I have, and it seems like two weeks is really the minimum in order to let the real world go and start to relax. Have you ever spent 2 years taking courses to get into medical school, followed by four years of medical school, [...]

If it’s bent, straighten it

Orthopedics in a nutshell…If it’s bent straighten it. OK, I know that’s not always true, but during residency, the orthopedic residents came down to evaluate most fractures, especially if they were dislocated, angulated, etc. The ER residents got to watch, and if it was a kid, we did the sedation. So it was good experience. [...]

Great Rides

I’ve done a few cool mountain bike rides the past two days. The first was an afterwork ordeal that started around 7:30 pm and finished well after dark. ONe of our medics sent me up the “little” mountain right behind the hospital. Eleven miles, 1200 feet and some incredible views later, I pulled back up [...]

Lighter News

If you still want to travel to the mountains, here is a great article in today’s travel section of the Denver Post detailing a week long mountain bike tour of southwestern colorado with the best & funnest trails highlighted.