Another flashback…Papa’s Den

Somebody else landed on my site today with a Google search of “P33 Shooting Star“. I’m not going to copy the whole post here, because it makes me cry every time I read it. So just click on the link.

Flashback to Fly Buddies

Photo copyright MustangMustangPosted by Picasa I was looking through my referral logs today to figure out how in the world I got 260 visits in one day! (It was thanks to Grand Rounds…I hadn’t submitted, but got included anyway) Somebody landed on my website by doing a search for “P-51s in Korea”. I went and [...]

Verona Night Ride

Tonight I showed up for the weekly “Girlie Ride”, and guess what? Aside from the leader, and a guy, I was the only “girlie” that showed up. So off we went, and we went fast! The leader, in addition to being a Spanish teacher, is a mountain bike racer, and she’s taken 2nd place in [...]

The Great Race

Today I ran in my first Great Race ever. The Great Race is a multi-race event in it’s 28th year in the city of Pittsburgh, (home of the Steelers). It was just me and about 8000 of my closest friends running a 10K course from my house down to Point State Park, a total of [...]

Tulane Student Blog

Here is a blog that was started several months ago documenting this students acceptance into school up to his current anatomy classes. he’s only in his first year (I think). He is a semi-regular visitor to my blog, but with my own moves and changes going on, hadn’t been back to his blog for a [...]

Tulane Medical Student Book Drive

Tulane Medical School is a special place for me, it was my number one choice for medical school when I was interviewing. I met many students and residents on my interview and toured several of the hospitals in New Orleans. Most of these students are now without books and equiment to continue their studies. The [...]

Welcome Tulane School of Medicine !!!

The above post has sent a ton of traffic from the Tulane School of Medicine my way. If you are a Tulane Medical student, welcome to Mr. Hassle’s Long Underpants, from yours truley, Doc Shazam! I browsed through your SOM forum and admire you guys for hanging in there to finishe the sememster. I probably [...]

Community Medicine

If you think that practicing emergency medicine in a community ED is all runny noses and soccer injuries, think again. I have seen more patients per shift since I started at my current job than probably any shift during my residency. And my acuity rate is on average, at least 30-40% admissions. Some days even [...]

Why I love the NFL

Did you see the unbelievable catch that Randy Moss received from Kerry Collins? It was UN-BE-LIEVABLE! D*MN they make it look so easy. YOu don’t see that kind of grace on college ball very often.

The Finish Line

I know some of you are wondering. Just letting you know that I DID cross the finish line at the Great Lake Escape Triathlon last weekend. My pace was not quite what I had anticipated for myself, but it was good enough to win a slot for next year’s invitation only Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. [...]