JoePa back on his feet…did anyone see this?

I’ve seen plenty of “elderly” get literally knocked off their feet, and down for the count, ending up in nursing homes as a result of falls and broken hips. How about a 78 year old man getting leveled by a defensive lineman? It could’ve been the end for JoePa…

A Tale of Two Ovaries

THe tale of the first ovary has been germinating in the recesses of my mind for some time. I knew it was a story that had to come out, but I just didn’t have the right context for it. I let its thoughts take root, grow and feed itself in the subconscience of my mind. [...]

Ghost in a Coffee Shop

Minding my own business, cheerily studying Carol Rivers’ Concise Review for the Written Boards in Emergency Medicine, Volume II, I overhear the 3 women next to me discussing syphilis. “Well how do you contract syphilis?” one woman asked. “Do you think he got it from his father?” another countered. They were loudly discussing a play [...]

Stylish Stylet removal

A small piece of advice. First of all, always wear face protection when intubating. I mean, really, you’re looking straight down into a dark, wet hole facing who knows what lurking there. I mean, if they had normal lungs and stuff, you wouldn’t be shoving a tube down there. OK, so that’s part one. Always [...]

Black Diamond Duathlon

This was a great duathlon that I did today, 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run, all “off road”. The bike was mostly rail-trails, but I didn’t gain distance on the group of 4 women doing their first multisport event until we got to the muddy & rutted section of the bike which [...]

Clinical encouters they don’t prepare you for in residnecy…

A Lady with pneumonia passes out while nurse is drawing blood. She stops breathing, she’s in vfib. CPR, shock at 200 Joules, she starts breathing again. (That much they prepare you for, it’s the rest of the story that’s unique…) “I’m choking,” she says when she wakes up. The tech is wrestling with her to [...]

What not to do

Holy crap, this not-to-do list is really funny. I am guilty of most of them on most of my days off, at least since I moved back to pittsburgh. Funny how in Colorado, many of these things were not options, mostly because I didn’t have internet access in my house and had to go to [...]

On call?

So something’s been eating away at me recently and I think I figred out what it was. I saw this patient (maybe last night, mabye last oyear…) He was a very large man, over 300 pounds. He was screaming his head off and had an alien trying to burst from his abdomen. His scraggly beard [...]

Kona Ironman

This is where it all started. Watch the Kona Ironman 2005 in Hawaii today, starting at 10:30 AM EST via the internet at Maybe that will be me someday! Small goals along the way would require me to run a marathon and bike a century. The 2.4 mile swim atually sounds kind of fun, [...]

Help me with my brain

Wow, I’ve been browsing through some archives and really wonder who that person was that wrote some of the entries. Some of them are so complex and intricate and wonderfully written…I only say that because I have forgotten about them completely and am now rereading them for the first time in over a year. Take [...]