Doc Shazam Dot Com, and Martin vs. Bush

I did it, I finally purchased and signed up for a hosting account with Migration scares me, but at least I have a successful placeholder site, from blogger to my FTP site. Cool. What do you think? SHould I keep the same template? A complete site redesign? Of course, the awesome Mr. Hassle [...]

The Tale of the Second Ovary

A lady in her early 40s presents with heavy, painful bleeding, about 2 weeks later than normal. A thorough gynecologic history leads me to believe that she has just entered the peri-menopausal period, had her first anovulatory cycle, and is now sloughing the heavy endometrial buildup from an extra 2 weeks of hormonal influences. She [...]

Freed from Darkness!

Yesterday afternoon, after the heartbreaking loss to the Ravens, I hopped on my bike to ride off into the twilight and into the park. My new Nightrider light was fully charged, and ready for it’s first test. It was awesome. The air was cool & crisp, I was perfectly dressed, well a little overdressed really. [...]

Hobbits, Mossy Hillsides & Mocha

I got a hit today from a google search for “mossy walls”. The post that google dug up was called “My Life as a Hobbit”. I went back to reread that week’s worth of posts and recall it as being one of the most intense and powerful months of my residency. All but the very [...]

Football Rants

Way to go, Georga Tech & Nittany Lions! But did you see that USC vs. Fresno State game? 50 to 42. Holy cow! Unbelievable. USC came up with several outstanding plays right at teh start of the second half, but aside from that, Fresno State played more consistently and much, much smarter than Bush and [...]

The Tale of the First Ovary

She was in the twilight of her child bearing years, and on the verge of tears. Her husband sat next to her bed cradling their two year old son who was only slightly distracted from his mother’s discomfort. The bleeding had just started that morning, but it was the pain and cramping that brought her [...]

Favorite Chief Complaint

A “Chief Complaint” is the reason the patient is at the doctor’s office in his or her own words. Triage personnel are trained to write down exactly what the patient states in order to avoid any “framing” by medical personel before a full medical evaluation takes place. Usually, Chief complaints are like the following: My [...]

Tomorrow, I promise!

The long awaited tale of two ovaries will be revealed. I know, I probably waited a little long for the dramatic pause of my previous entry to have maximum effect, but well, life gets in the way sometimes. Tomorrow.

Corrections to Grand Rounds

Spelling corrections. Correction to Health Care Business Link made (Costing Teachers Millions) Next Week’s host updated.

Grand Rounds 2.08

Doc Shazam is honored to host this week’s roundup of the best in medical blogging. I usually don’t read every entry linked in grand rounds, but hosting this week has helped me expand my understanding of what blogging is about. Some of us are politicians, some are patient advocates, some are great storytellers, and others [...]