I have been invited to do this tomorrow. Yikes. Photo by Darrell Sapp, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Archives working!

Well, I never would have guessed that a George Foreman post would get more comments than both a Brett Favre post and two Jerome Bettis posts put together! If you missed any of them, you can now find them in my working archives. Right column, scroll to bottom, archives are all working now, so you [...]

Prescription for Better Nutrition

I didn’t acutally write this today, but I recomended to an 85 year old lady who lived by herself that she try one of these to make her home meals a little more interesting. Easy to use and you can throw anything in it to warm it up, jazz up a peanut butter & jelly [...]

NFL and viewer ratings

Here is a great article on Monday Night Football, one of my favorite shows on TV. Naturally, I enjoy Sunday Night Football as well, but having the game extend into the week somehow softens the blow of starting the work week. (Even though I havn’t had a real “workweek” as in weekends off, in years) [...]

A life without perspective. (fictional)

The two of us spent a lot of time together. I woke up at midnight to check on him and he wasn’t breathing. I got worried and checked him again. I shook him, shook him hard. He wouldn’t wake up. He only did a half a bag, and that was hours ago. HOURS AGO. WAKE [...]


It’s incredible what a huge role your mind plays in athletic (& life) performance. He’s had an awful lot to deal with, but I’ll never forge that game he played last year after his father died.

The Second to Last Straw

“Can’t you give my father the shot that stops mini-strokes from turning into strokes?” I mused about how rich I would be if I could do that…


Just try it. Nuf said. http://www.eyezmaze.com/grow/v3/index.html

A bit of great news!

I passed my boards! And so did Dr. Lassiter, the winner of the “Guess the diagnsis” contest last week. See, good things are coming his way.