NFL and viewer ratings

Here is a great article on Monday Night Football, one of my favorite shows on TV. Naturally, I enjoy Sunday Night Football as well, but having the game extend into the week somehow softens the blow of starting the work week. (Even though I havn’t had a real “workweek” as in weekends off, in years)

So viewers are watching more sunday night football now, and the NFL has decided to go with the “Broadcast” networks, instead of the “cable” networks for their most highly viewed game. As you probably know, EPSN will now be airing the Monday Night Football games. But Sunday Night Football will now be the “showcase” game of the week and will be aired on Broadcast TV, as in FREE TV, on NBC. So why NBC and not ABC? ABC didn’t want to give up their successful Sunday night lineup, which includes desparate housewives (never seen it).

So there you have it. Football lives on…

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