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Partly Sunny and Beautiful

Forecast Fox tells me that it’s beautiful outside in San Juan Capistrano. I’ve never seen a forcast exactly like that for the city of Blitzburgh, (as awesome as it is). Sigh. The older I get, the more I like California.

The Collapse of Primary Care

“Medicare will pay tens of thousands of dollars … for a limb amputation on a diabetic patient, but virtually nothing to the primary care physician for keeping the patient’s diabetes under control,” said Bob Doherty, senior vice president for the ACP. The article doesn’t comment on the fact that many patients end up in the [...]

Juicy Fruit Man

Remember the Juicy Fruit man? Well I saw him again. That makes twice that I’ve seen alcoholic ketoacidosis in my career. I’m getting better at diagnosing it, but of course it helped that I knew his previous diagnosis! This time the juicy fruit smell was cheaply blended with a strong odor of ETOH. Ethanolism has [...]

I can’t imagine…

…being the parent of a teenage son and being told he needs to be seen by a neurosurgeon. Mom’s initial comment to the triage nurse was that he’d had an inoperable brain tumor. After some investigating, and talking to the father, it turns out that he had a condition that didn’t NEED an operation…he had [...]

Finally Recognized!

Mr. Hassle’s Long Underpants, finally recognized for astute powers of observation in not only the Emergeny Department, but the Steelers as well! Welcome visitors from Deadspin, and thanks for the nod.

A wave of animal cruelty

From a friend: A wave of animal cruelty has the World Wildlife Federation up inarms. On the first day of this new year a lion was found viciouslymauled. A week later, a bengaled tiger was discovered horriblybeaten. While the lion only had fresh wounds, the tiger appears tohave been suffering regular beatings for years. Just [...]

Top Ten Trivia about Doc Shazam

Well, this is pretty funny. #6 makes me chuckle. I wish #10 was true. I’d like to find #3, I’m sure it’s worth a lot of money by now. #1…well, enough of those minutes would add up to a lot of calories. And number 9? Umm, I’m not really sure what to make of number [...]

Book Game Redux

I posted this game about a year ago, and it was pretty fun. Since I’ve got a stack of library (i.e. non-medical books) in front of me, I thought I’d take another crack at it: Book Game by Texas Biscuit. I have no idea who Texas Biscuit is, but that was the closest I could [...]

Fraudulent Avian Flu Therapies

FDA Acts to Protect Public from Fraudulent Avian Flu Therapies This may be old news, but since there are so few Steeler’s Fans here, maybe a little health care topic will be better received!