Grand Rounds and Workouts

Grand Rounds is up today at Cut-to-Cure. I nice succinct roundup with watercolors, too! Also, I’ve finished out the month of February with all time highs in swimming distance and running duration. The numbers aren’t big, but for me, it’s a big step forward, and another step towards the Escape from Alcatraz this June. The [...]

Hello from Colorado Springs

I’m at the international coaching conference for triathlon, and there are a number of outstanding speakers here, including coaches & athletes of world class caliber. Mark Allen, 6 time Iron Man Championship winner, with the last at age 37, gave a lecture at dinner tonight, then hung out with us in the bar afterward. It [...]

Schizophrenic Cat Artist

I am fascinated by schizophrenia. My medical school application essay featured a schizophrenic man I used to enjoy speaking with while volunteering with a homeless healthcare group in Pittsburgh called Operation Safety Net. I got a lot of exposure to a variety of psychoses this way, and then again as an ER doc. There was [...]

Minty MP3

Funny, this looks just like my camera case. A minty MP3 player you make from scratch.

Too Young to Die

Another story, part truth, part fiction. Loosly based in reality. He left his home that weekend morning to earn a little extra money. His construction job allowed him flexible work hours during the week, but also on the weekends. His wife took the kids shopping and had a valentines dinner planned. It wasn’t anything special, [...]

Jerome Bettis and the Olympics

Jerome Bettis and his parents are now in Italy at the Olympic Games. Jerome compared Lindsey Jacobelis’ mishap on the snowboard cross final to his fumble in the Indy game during the playoffs. He and Bob Costas chatted it up and Costas announced that Bettis would be joining the NBC broadcasting staff for Sunday Night [...]

Fat Cyclist gives medical advice

Next time you have a major (embarassing) crash whether road or mountain biking, just use one of these ailments to convince your friend’s that your not just a clumsy cyclist, but really need medical attention. An all inclusive, and medically approved list.

Swimming & Running & Tearing apart bikes

So I’ve been doing these workouts from a book called “Workouts in a Binder, Swim workouts for triathletes.” Each workout is 2500-3000 yards (I usually do the shorter workout) and takes me about an hour. THey are mixtures of 100 to 1000 yard sets with various instructions for intensity, increasing speed, building speeed, negative splits, [...]

Steel City Biking

I just found a goldmine of valuable biking route information. Check this out:Bike Rides Out of Pittsburgh: over 400 bicycle rides from .6 to 110 miles richly illustrated includes maps THe linked PDF doesn’t have maps, but the route descriptions are good enough to keep one busy for a summer or two! I found it [...]

Mogul Competition

Moguls were always my favorite. I’ve only been skiing once (last week) since my back surgery, and havn’t tried moguls yet, of course. I’ve also never tried moguls on my teleskis, but it looks super cool! Sometimes I wonder if I missed my calling in life…