Lumpy Ridge in View again

Spending a week back in Colorado…I can’t believe how beautiful it is. I was sitting here checking email in a coffee shop and temporarily forgot where I was. I looked out the window and saw Lumpy Ridge staring back at me, the Stanley Hotel proudly sitting at the base of the ridge, at least from [...]

Single track, single mind, singlespeed…

I finally got out on the trails on my pseudo-singlespeed bridgestone. I still havn’t taken any parts off yet, but was dying to go on a bike ride outdoors yesterday. It was freezing outside (literally, right at 32 degrees) and I am too much of a wimp to get on a windy road bike and [...]

Grand Rounds are up

A nice interpretation of each post. I don’t think mine is blood curdling, but to each their own interpretation! Nice job on the roundup. Grand Rounds at Healthy Concerns


No, not quiet in the ED, quiet here on Mr. Hassle. Sorry. Been busy. Work is too busy. I’m trying to figure out how to retire from medicine early. Like maybe next month. Wait, I havn’t even taken my oral boards yet. Well, sometime soon anyway. What else can an MD do to pay back [...]

Worst reason to give drugs to a seeker

“Since I’m not going to keep the baby anyway…” This one really takes the cake. A lady comes in 8 weeks pregnant, left flank pain. Acting wierd. Just discharged from neighboring hospital same day for same complaint. Doesn’t know what her diagnosis was. “a virus”. Wants the pain medicine that starts with a “D”. “Dilantin?” [...]

Grand Rounds are up!

Grab a cup of coffee or three (instructions from our hostess) and sit down to enjoy this weeks Grand Rounds. Yours truly makes an entrance about midway down.

The Dalai Lama seeks to save the Tigers

The Dalai Lama is a fascinating person and the true story of his exile from Tibet is a rivetting piece of history. If you don’t know much about the Dalai Lama, first read “Seven Years in Tibet” by Heinrich Harrier. Then read “My Country, My People” by the Dalai Lama himself. Enjoy and be enlightened. [...]

100,000 th visitor

Is it you? Are you my 100,000th visitor? Check the site meter counter below on the right and find out. Leave a note if you are, and congratulations!

The Blind Man and the Butterfly

The butterfly doesn’t really have much to do with this story, except that the blind man couldn’t see the butterfly’s colors. Just like he couldn’t see the color of his urine. So when he finally told his daughter he was having trouble urinating, and she saw the blood, his cancer was already taking over most [...]