The biggest exam of my life…

I spent my 29th birthday in a smokey coffee shop studying for my first medical school exam. Now, about 6 months shy of turning 38, I am less than 24 hours out of the LAST and BIGGEST exam I’ll ever have to take for medicine! I just finished my Oral Board exam, the last exam [...]

Best line from an x-ray tech…

So this afternoon, the x-ray techs were changing shifts, and discussing the cases they saw. I always find it interesting to overhear the signouts of the ancillary staff and technicians because they each find patients interesting or fascinating in their own way. We the ER is busy, EVERYBODY is busy. When sick patients arrive, there [...]

I need a new post

Boy, reading this past week of posts is really depressing. I need to get out and do more biking…and then post about it. I think an epic mountain bike ride is in store for the near future! Read my first EPIC RIDE story!

A stream-of-consciousness reply…

This started as a comment on Shadowfax’s blog, where he went into significant detail about the study I (incorrectly) referenced yesterday. It just turned into some raving-sleep deprived mumbles that I felt guilty about leaving on his comment box, so I figured I’d just post it here…make of it what you will. ————————————– I’m sure [...]

Oral Boards

So emergency medicine is one of the few medical specialties that still requires oral exams prior to board certification. The board states that the written exam, which I took (and passed) last fall, is just a screening tool to see who can take the oral exams. Regardless of it’s justification, I have to do it [...]

Some YouTube Videos…

This is pretty incredible! One summer when I was about 12 or 14, I kept a graph of how many times I could juggle a soccer ball. But I was never as good as this guy. I wonder if he can play soccer, too?

Medical Marijuana

These statements cannot possibly both be simultaneously true: FDA: no sound scientific studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the United States, and no animal or human data supported the safety or efficacy of marijuana for general medical use. Spokes person for the Marijuana Policy Project: There is abundant evidence that marijuana can [...]

Vioxx verdict absurd

This story about a jury who found Vioxx responsible for the death of a man suffering from heart disease since 1978 infuriates me. Another example of how health care cases cannot be juried by the general public who are untrained in not just heathcare specifically, but also scientific principles. Medical records show this man took [...]

First Flat Tire!

Fun ride, would have been quicker if I hadn’t gotten my FIRST FLAT TIRE!!!! It’s only cool because it’s a rite of passage, I’m sure it would get old after awhile. I had no trouble changing it and using a CO2 cartridge for the first time. DANG, those things are handy! I used to top [...]

Night Shift

I saw 21 patients last night in 9 hours, got out about an hour late. Nobody died. One or two freaky people (screaming in pain, then all smiles when the doctor walks in). One lady kept saying that her belly pain was coming back until I made it clear she wasn’t going to get any [...]