Six Days!

Still a list of things to do and ugh, I still have to go to work! Well, out for a quick jog to wake up my achy legs.

Seven Days!

Counting down the days. I watched the video from last year and I’m totally stoked! I can’t wait to get out there and see the city and the bay, and get into the water to try out my wetsuit in the 54 degree bay!!!

12 days!

Countdown to Alatraz…12 days! But the combination of late nights and overnight shifts has me developing a sinus infection…CRAP! I’m sure Ill be better in 12 days, but I don’t want to still be recovering then. I should be using this time to taper and get rested up to be ready to ROCK on June [...]

I must be special…

Dear Valued Customer, I have ordered your Replacement Part for your ASUS product, which you should receive through the US Mail within 5-10 business days or sooner. The shell of my computer awaits it’s new cooler. I had to completely dismantle the entire computer just to replace the fan. Sigh.

On Call

Got a call at 11:30pm to help out in the ED. All the patients I saw had been waiting about 4 hours before getting a room. The triage nurse layed out the charts one ontop of the other like a card dealer would spread out a deck of cards in front of him. Each chart [...]

The DTs

The other day, I saw my first true case of delerium tremens. I have seen lots of people withdrawing from alcohol, even alcohol withdrawal siezures, but this was the first true case of delerium tremems of my career. He was native american (who do not genetically metabolize alchol well, but I think that’s irrelavent) who [...]

Texas boy dies of rabies

This boy died of rabies about a month after being bitten by a bat that flew into his open window at night. He wasn’t sure if he’d been bitten by it. Just so that you know, waking up with a bat in your room is an indication for getting the rabies vaccination series, 2 shots [...]

Dog Radio

Yes, it’s true, there is now an internet radio station for dogs! It was started by a Thai dog groomer who plays the tunes for the dogs in his shop to put them in a better mood. I don’t understand Thai, and I am not a dog, but the music does put me in a [...]

Wicked Ride

Tonight I did a mountain bike ride with the “Girlies” from the local mountain biking club. While no longer titled the “girlie ride”, it is almost always led by women. Tonight’s was led by an incredibly strong tiny woman who does 24 hour solo mountain bike races, and to say she is fast and strong [...]


Today I hopped on my trusty old mountain bike, after having put a few hundred miles on my new road bike. My trusty old mountain bike, that always fit me just like a glove felt…awkward. I felt top heavy, it felt squirrelly, uncertain and unsteady. Or maybe it was just me. I’m shocked at how [...]