Coaching Exam

Well I finished my take home exam for becoming a USA Triathlon certified Level 1 coach, the entry level. I already have two athletes that have requested my help, both friends, and both somewhat experimental. I know what we should be doing, but actually getting an athlete to do it, get feedback and look for [...]

The rest of teh story…

Here’s the rest of the story of the thunderstorms and glass. Sorry for the delay, but at least I got a map of it for you… Glen Haven Switchbacks. A tough, but beautiful ride. Down Rt.36 along the big thompson river, turn left at Drake, then follow the northfork up through Glen Haven and up [...]

The cure for boredom…

Pearl Street, Boulder, CO. Give me a shout out if you know what I’m talking about.

Thunderstorms and glass

The Helicopter and the Rodeo

Imagine making a special trip to watch the world’s highest rodeo. Nearly 8000 feet above sea level, with the rocky mountain peaks rimming the arena. The setting sun casts moutain shadows and long fingers of the setting sun’s rays make the distant rocks sparkle and shine in the evening light. The sky takes on a [...]

The Coyotes…

So an hour into my deep recovery sleep, instead of being pissed off at the pair of coyotes that woke me from deep, HGH stimulating sleep, I embraced my physical location at just above 7500 feet above sea level, nestled snugly in the Colorado Rockies. Some call me lucky, but it’s been a long time [...]

Bear Lake

I think I’ve found my new passion…riding my bike through ROcky Mountain National Park. How can the scenery get any better than this? While being passed by families locked up inside of SUVs and RVs, I’m on my bicycle! I know that there are little kids who saw me riding today who will wonder about [...]

Some photos of the Olympic Training Center

I can’t tell you how cool it was to be at the OTC for the weekend. I even got asked if I was a resident athlete, alhtough maybe the guy was just being nice (instead of saying, ‘what the heck are YOU doing here?’) Met lots of cool people, too, and hopefully learned something about [...]

I’m an Olympian…almost

I’m taking a coaching seminar for triathlon at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. It is so incredibly cool to be here. (I hope I run into Apollo Ohno in the cafeteria.) Last night we did some open water swimming drills in the pool. Yes, THE pool, the 50 meter Olympic pool [...]

Fish Creek Loop

Avg speed about 12.5 mph. For the hills and the altitude, I’ll take it, although I hope to get faster.