Low Hanging Limbs

No, the subject line does not refer to gorillas, orangutangs or apes..not even monkeys. It explains why I didn’t get my last hurrah bike ride in yesterday. I picked up my buddy’s bike and put it on the roof of my car…a freshly rebuilt Gary Fisher Sugar, double suspension, SID front shocks, brand new brakes, [...]

Retired Nurse Ranger

Normally I don’t enjoy talking to the families of patients in the ER about non-medical stuff. The families are usually filled with nervous energy, I’m usually focused on making a diagnoses and keeping up my press-gainey scores while not making any horrendous mistakes. The conversation that ensues is therefore usually shallow chatter to pass the [...]

Johnny Park Ride

THis is a ride I did a few weeks ago. In a guidebook for the area, it is listed as an out and back ride…I don’t reccomend it that way. Set up a shuttle or plan for a 30 mile road/mtn bike ride and do it as a loop. The scenery is great, the trail [...]

The bartender and the musician.

So I’m sitting at the bar sipping a margarita and engrossed in this month’s CME from New England Journal fo Medicine on Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus infections. There is a large group of tourists at the endof the bar, who knock a full glass of beer on the fllor, shattering the glass. “Don’t pick up [...]


I can’t believe that I live within minutes of the world’s greatest bouldering playground, and I havn’t gone bouldering until today. It was a beautiful afternoon, warmish evening temps with an autumn smell to the air. the setting sun cast shadows across each of the boulders highlighting every seam & crack. Although my strength, weight [...]

Grand Rounds is Up

A very nice grand rounds at Hospital Impact.

On the other hand…

On the other hand, quitting our job sounds like a good idea. We can fish & bike as much as we like… Are you in with me Louise? (aka Squeezie, aka Weesie).

Let my Patients Go Surfing

I have just finished reading Yvon Chouinard’s outstanding book titled, “Let my people go surfing…the education of a reluctant businessman.” In Chouinard’s world, there is a constant battle of escape vs. committment. His early days of forging pitons for personal use in climbing blossomed into a small business in which mail order was only for [...]

Heil Ranch

What a pain in the butt this ride was. I much prefer the massive bedrock slabs and contoured grooves to this trail, described as “smooth singletrack” in the guidebook, itwas anything but. Endless miles of 3 foot wide sand trail smothered in loose, square sided softball sized rocks. Every single rock required a muscle or [...]

Hall Ranch

Wow, this was an awesome ride on Hall Ranch, > 3000 acres of Open Space close to Lyons, CO. I had the worst side cramps in the world, that almost turned be back in the first mile. I kept biking/resting/biking/resting. Once the first 2 mile, uphill rocky switchbacks were over, the view was spectacular, and [...]