Boneyard. Literally…

One of my favorite parts of my job is my interaction with the police and paramedics who visit the department. Paramedics are obviously there all the time, but whenever the police are there, it’s always something fairly interesting. It’s my chance to see inside the officers daily lives from the “other side”, as opposed to [...]

Equinox Ride

Another beautiful ride at Bavington with the Fry Guy. The sun was out, the air temperature was cool, just a hint of fall. And the trails were awesome. Awesome. Zoomy, fun, smooth, pine needle covered trails with a handful of roots and logs just to make it interesting. We added in a loop we’d skipped, [...]

Epistaxis and NG tubes don’t mix

So this guy was admitted with severe epistaxis requiring posterior nasal packing. He lost 3 units of blood in hours due to the amount of bleeding. AFter blood trasnfusion and admission to the hospital, the packing was removed. Of course with that much of a nosebleed, you swallow a bunch of blood. So they put [...]

Crack Puppy

THis story appeared in the news today. I’m glad the puppy didn’t have a heart attack. But I saw the puppy on TV and it was emaciated. But how long does it take a puppy emaciated? And how long did he have the puppy? I wonder if he didn’t aquire it in that state. In [...]

Ben’s Worst Game?

I havn’t seen the quarterback stats, but was this ben’s worst game? 2 interceptions in the last 5 minutes alone? Maybe that appendectomy was a bad idea. Ben seemed little less mobile tonight. Yes, he got sacked, but he wasn’t runnign like he usually did. I have to say that Jacksonville earned the win. If [...]

Sex, Drugs, Self-Inflicted Wounds…

My new hospital is definately different from the last one, and I’m liking it a lot better. HIV, Hepatitis C, teen pregnancies, screaming old people, syphillis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, intoxication, drug abuse, the works. I’m loving it. The coolest so far is the lady who put her and through a glass window while swinging a hammer [...]

Tri became Du

25 knot winds and a small craft advisory cancelled the swim portion of the Great Lake Escape. Well, you can imaging from the title of the triatlon, the swim is really what makes this an awesome triathlon. So it was changed to a duathlon instead…not my favorite, I wouldn’t have entered. While fun from the [...]


I procrastinated all night to get my crap together. THen it took me all of 10 minutes to get the majority of my stuff together. Of course there is that 80/20 rule, so if I got 80% of the stuff done in 10 minutes, the other 20% will take me another 40 minutes…sounds about right. [...]

Wish me Luck

At this race on Sunday. Trying to beat last year’s time of 4:03:00

City Lights

Wow…did you see that F**King AWESOME Pregame show tonight? Yeah, yeah sure, the Steelers won teh game, but D*MN, that pregame show was amazing. I’m not talking about the music…I’m talking about how beautiful the city looked! I’ve been to lots of cities taht are considered beautiful…VAncouver, SEattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Paris…but all of [...]