Chest Pain

This article in the USA today discusses the stories of 2 men with heart disease, one of whom died, and one of whom did not. Both presented to the ER. One got sent home and was dead 24 hours later. The other was admitted ot the hospital, no diagnosis of heart disease was made. 2 [...]

My NYPD Blue Night

I was never a big fan of any of the cop shows, except Hill Street Blues. Especially not that NYPD Blue style. The balding guys with cheesy moustaches, brown suits and a clipboard…acting all tough with a New York accent as they grill the crime suspects in a dimly lit room. Well, let’s just change [...]

Updates from Honduras

It turns out that with the combination of a satellite dish donated and installed a few years ago, an old dell computer, and a sporadically operating gas generator, that the internet comes to life here in rural San Jose de Negrito, Yoro, Honduras. I have set up a group blog that we are trying to [...]

Month of Mud updates, rides #2 & #3`

Last weekend was a 4 lap cyclocross race. I got lapped during my 2nd lap while the experts were on their third. I thought they were going to pull me off the course at the end of that lap so I rode it as hard and fast as I could. My legs were ready to [...]

Don’t despair….

Doc Shazam will be in Honduras for the next 2 weeks. Unfortuneately, no “searching for nemo” reports this time unless I can sneak it on on the first weekend. Regular updates are unlikely…but possible, so check in occasionally.

Vascular Tumors

So the little girl got a contrasted CT scan and the radiologist called to discuss it. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he told me. “You’d better send her to children’s hospital.” I chuckled a little at the radiologists comments. If HE didn’t know what it was, what was I supppsed to tell the pediatrician [...]

When is a lump just a lump?

How often do parents come to the ER woried about swollen lymph nodes? Most of the time you spend reassuring them that it is a natural course of the illness, not to worry, yada, yada. What about when mom points to the large lump on the side of her childs neck? Hmm. Most lymph nodes [...]

Quick update on biking

Today is the second in a series of five fall mountain bike/cyclocross races. Last week was a mountain bike time trail, I came in 11th in the women’s field and had a blast. I went out way to hard in the beginning adn by 10 minutes in, I was exhausted. The last half of the [...]