The Accidental Artist

Clarence was dropped off by the police after waved them down around 4 AM. It was a holiday adn Clarence was alone. I asked him where he lived and he told me that his friends spotted him everywhere as he rattled off the names of local municipalities. “How much beer did you have clarence?” “Just [...]

Salt of the earth

I am in Santa Barbara right now for a conference on homeless medicine. Tonight was a great night of friendship. Went out to dinner with friends of my cousins who live in town…real “salt of the earth” type of people that you could spend infinate amounts of time with an still enjoy being with them. [...]

Travel nightmares.

So I’m flying to Santa Barbara tomorrow, and last night I had a really strange dream. I was in the airport with my flight loading and I decided to go to the bathroom first, but when I got there, I couldn’t go. This is in stark contrast to my actual last plane flight from honduras [...]

ER Docs Rule

In contrast to my last post makign ER docs look like fools, this article shows how ER docs can be the good guys when it comes to acute myocardial infarction. Not only that, but EMS has a huge role as well, but only if we listen to what the medics have to say. It is [...]