Bicycle Sounds Christmas Song

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, played entirely on bicycling parts.

Investigating my Past

It never hurts to find out a little more about yourself. Link compliments of Super Steno Girl. In a Past Life… You Were: A Lazy Magician. Where You Lived: Mexico. How You Died: Typhoid fever. Who Were You In a Past Life?

Culture in the workplace

In know that others have written about this before, but there is a phenomenon in the emergency room where every patient triaged has a respiratory rate of 20 per minute. Now I understand that for most realtively healthy adults, presenting for lacerations, bumps scrapes…having an exact respiratory rate, or any respiratory rate is probably extraneous [...]


My old blog site ( is mirrored here at Anybody know what this is???

What would you tell your family?

Ok, ok, you guys have met your end of the bargain. Malice IS cute, isn’t he? He rode in his owners backpack teh whole way. I hadn’t realized that he had “points” on his back, I wonder who got those? (The ‘punks’ are scattered throughout the race and if you stop to collect them, you [...]

No Update for You

I refuse to write another post until somebody comments on: 1) The bike race written about below2) The You Tube videos posted below OR3) The photo of Malice (the dog) posted below. Thank you for your consideration.

Punk Bike Enduro

I was a little nervous about doing this ride. I did it last year and didn’t complete the whole course, I was completely wasted at the end of it. I have been ridign a lot more this year, but not much over the past 2 months, partly due to a 2 week hiatus in Honduras, [...]