Criterium Success!

Yee ha! I decided to go ahead and enter the tuesday night women’s crit this week and guess what…I survived! not only did I survive, but I got 3rd place AND won $5! It was awesome. We did paceline practice first, then the women & juniors raced and the men were super supportive. It was [...]

The Message. By Flea.

Flea’s Message Our culture is suffused with messages telling parents that their children are sick, or potentially sick: one sniffle away from certain doom. Flea’s message is that American children are the healthiest children that ever lived on planet Earth. We should celebrate our good fortune. The culture tells us the children are defined by [...]

Ask Me…

A great article by Edwin Leap who writes for Emergency Medicine News. I get this mag monthly in my mailbox, but currently have about six of them stacked up to read. I got the link to this article from Grunt Doc. I was thinking. Maybe, as we do our time-outs and scrub our hands red, [...]


Whether or not he actually pulled the trigger was irrelevant to his presenting injuries. So I didn’t ask.


Ah, yes. The perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. This is a project that’s been on my mind for over 15 years, since seeing my college roommate, build his own wheel, then crash & burn on it. He never did get that tooth fixed. This is a key step in my singlespeed project [...]


Notes on a Physician’s Life discusses the terminology, and deeper meaning, of the phenomenon of Burnout. If Oliver Wendell Holmes, could, over his toast and marmalade in 1887, say, “… that society is always trying in some way or other to grind us down to a single flat surface. It is hard work to resist [...]

Dr. Dork Hosts Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is up at Dr. Dorks place. I submitted my first entry in possible over a year, and it was chosen amongst what sounds like over 120 entries! Thanks Dr. Dork. It ends with a touching goodbye by our own Barbados Butterfly.

Charity Doc Feeling a Bit Malicious

Charity Doc has some amazing case studies, including a recent clamshell cracked chest in the ED. I hope I have the guts to do that if/when it’s ever indicated. The one time that it WAS indicated, the cheif trauma surgeon called the code on our arrival in the ED, then after the fact offered to [...]

Isn’t there a shot?

I guess this really shouldn’t irritate me, except in light of the fact that we had four sequential codes in the ER today, the urgency of this case escaped me. Basically a nice older lady in a personal care home with 5 minutes of facial droop totally resolved. Physician appropriately called. Patient appropritately transferred to [...]

Fish Dream

Mabye my last post was too morbid or sad to garner any comments. So I thought I’d share something more lighthearted. Any comments on dream interpretation are welcome. For some background, my dad & I went fishing together for the first time in many, many years about 2 weeks ago. He thinks it’d been about [...]