I want to ride my bicycle…

But after reading a few of your blog entries, it’s also obvious you are fairly arrogant and self-important, and I’m glad I don’t work with you . As amusing as this comment is from a recent poster, he does bring up a good point. When I talk about work, I am a miserable person and [...]


What part of, “there’s a cancer eating away at your mother’s face” didn’t you understand? I may elaborate more, but for tonight, this is all i can muster.

Who covers the ED when I’m at a code?

THis started out as a reply to a comment from the previous post…who covers the ER when I get called to a code (sorry about all the typos, I got a new keyboard that S U C K S): Graham, It happened last night (weekend, night shift, floor codes, ER tanking). The senior FP resident [...]

A night like tonight

I’m not really sure how you describe it. I intubated 2 people. While I was upstairs, my partner downstairs intubated someone. AFter he left the night doc coded someone who died. I had a woman arrive from a nursing home that wanted no intervention and she died (why did she get sent?) None of this [...]

Tuesday night at the races…

5/15/7Only 5 women registered so they started us with the men. Two women registered with teh mens race so there were 7 of us altogether. Drafting off the men was allowed but we were scored separately. There were about 30-40 of us total, I’m not sure, I’m not good at estimating field size. I started [...]

Tuesday night Crit…

7th or 8th out of 9 entrants. All the collegiate girls showed up, and for some reason, my legs were totally toast. The group started at about 24 mph, and I stayed with the pack for the first 3 laps then they slowly moved away from me. I jumped on the 2nd group and they [...]