Retail Clinics harassed by AMA

This is absurd: CHICAGO (Reuters) – The American Medical Association said on Monday it will ask state and federal authorities to investigate retail health clinics such as those offered in CVS/Caremark stores, Wal-Mart Stores and Walgreen Co. for possible conflicts of interest. They state that the retail stores are driving customers to their own pharmacies [...]

I guess everyone needs one of these nights

I thought I learned my lesson last week about not quitting until the end, so I gave this fast crit everything I had until the very end…or so I thought! The Thunder, lightening and rain held off until about lap 3 of the womens race. The pre-race talk was that “if it thunders, we’ll ring [...]

Red Octopus Measles

JOHN:Doctor, I don’t know if this is a bad question, but I have to ask you. Have you ever heard of a medical term called Red Octupus Measles? ME:Umm, no. I’ve never heard of that. JOHN:How about the tick measles? ME:No, sorry. JOHN:Well than you don’t know very much, do you? ME:What is it you’d [...]

The Dream Catcher

Rocky Mountain Medic has done it again. Fabulous writing about difficult topics. Wonderful. He pulled the dented car over onto the side of the highway. Rush hour traffic screamed by him in the other three lanes. Horns whistled as the irate drivers raced dangerously close to his driver’s side door, angrily flipping him off as [...]

69 Corvette Stingray

So my friend casually says, “Have you ever driven a corvette before?” “No,” I reply. “Well I think today’s the day!” “Wha..?” He takes the roof off, walks out, sits in the passenger seat and hands me the key. All I can say is it was amazing. Even though he accused me of driving like [...]


I had a nice day at work. How can that be you ask? I worked at a different hospital, my moonlighting hospital. The floors are clean, it’s well lit, everyone is friendly. The nursing staff is treated well, we have ample technician and aid support. Triage orders x-rays on boo-boos, EKGs right in the triage [...]